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How The Fact Checking Game is Played

Here is a series of screenshots from a thread by someone who claims to have worked as a fact checker for FB.  I'm curating this thread here so that it can serve as a reference point for further investigation and as a cross reference.

Priestessing: How I Do It

I laugh whenever I create a new post. There is always the possibility that I won't finish it, that it will stay as a draft indefinitely.  At the time of writing, I have 82 published posts and 116 still in draft form. That's a lot of serious up-catching to do. 😄 Anyway ... I'll make this post short and sweet.  I know myself to be, and call myself, a Priestess. It freaks out some folk, but most are confused about what that means. So here's how it is. In a nutshell, I see priestessing as doing big-sistering but with metaphysical purpose. And for the record, I freelance. I am not part of a larger group or cult or organisation. A Priestess is who I am at the core of my being, not something I do because my parents gave me as a child into a sect that worshipped a particular deity. So ... what do I actually do? I nourish lost souls to find their path again. I inspire and enCOURAGE young alpha's to find, claim, and own their inherent power and nobility. Particularly the mas

Lair Update - 13 November 2020

First up ... my promised course. Er ... yeah ... well. Aza has cut me some slack for a couple of reasons. One is that he's flexible on his own deadlines so he can't really be too severe when others are slippery with theirs, and the second allows for the change of circumstances in my household. Being a replacement mum to teenagers is time consuming.  The fact that this surprises me reveals how much of a non-mum I've had the luxury of being up until now. That's not to imply that I don't enjoy the company of children of all ages, but that there's really no other female carer to hand them back to after I've had my fun with them. I'm now it! Fortunately they are sufficiently self-maintaining at their age that I still enjoy large swathes of personal time. Spoilt and privileged. Yep, that's me. I'm pleased to say. My vocational focus continues to come in and out of focus, so to speak. Even though I feel a strong wind in my sails, it also feels that m

Where They Point

I'm doing homework. Browsing through the latest breaking news stories and scanning for clues about who the players are. They are always orchestrated by one group or another, and they leave clues intended to be hidden from the innocent public. Today was a rich harvest of stories with clues. See this post and that post .

Reading the signs

It is well known that paintings are full of symbolism and hidden messages for those 'in the know.' The same is true with images used online by the shapers of the matrix.  Keep in mind that the matrix that shapes this world is a battlefield. Not all organisations are run by enemy forces. But even the enemy-run organisations have infiltrators who sneak out messages to those surreptitiously, such as in the images they use to illustrate the story. So, what are the signs in this image?

V is for ...

From time to time I break through the bubble that passes as news in my country and scan that larger horizons of the world and search for signs that the Angels have been busy. Today I came across this. This is the sign I found. V for V.lash. Gangs leave their signs.  And I've mentioned Angels are ruthless and dangerous in fighting their enemies. The motorcycle accident that killed the son, was no accident.  The father, no doubt, was also V.lash or V-hybrid.  Do you think, that out of all the photos they could have shown, that they chose this one with the V clearly shown, at random? As DS likes to say ... THINK! I have my suspicions about the father's meat empire, about what kind of meat they processed, and what went into their sausages. I'm not sure, obviously, but there is a reason he was taken out. This is one reason I don't live in cities.  I like to know the butcher who is part of my rural community. More details were available from another source : The ostensible mo

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