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Fifty Shades of EL

This is a self-indulgent post, where I explore the clues … possibly far-stretched … that Fifty Shades was a project of The Cause. It amuses me to follow this on a whim. I'm happy to be entirely misguided. His beauty is desecrated only by his scars ... [location 11667] First … author EL James. As in EL-ohim. As in EL-ite.  Hint enough?  MC’s first name … Christian.  Last name … Grey, as in morally grey.  He is 27 years old. This is mentioned a number of times throughout the trilogy. FC’s first name … Anastasia - Ana. Like D’s Anna.  The name means resurrection. Last name … Steele, as in strong like steel. Ana likes to commune with her inner goddess. [ Perhaps ... just perhaps ... this is a disguised grand love story about Azazael and Ishtar themselves, hmmm? ] The name of CG’s residential building is Escala, which translates to Scale … as in balancing, or scales of karma. The author is British … a high number of Brits seem to be recruited on behalf of The Cause. This is just a

Don't be Afraid to Die

Really ... this is one of your biggest challenges to overcome. It's worth it. Don't hold back on living because you fear dying. Dying is not such a big deal. Don't agree? Explore your arguments. Deeply. Look your fear fully in the face ... make decisions about how you live going forward ... and enact those decisions.   Watch this short video for advice from someone who really knows the truth. Enjoy your time while you are here. Because once you leave here, there are other realms to stretch into.

The Watchers

 Yes! They really do watch you! TL:DR ... HOLD YOURSELF TO HIGH STANDARDS!  You WILL be held to account. There IS a Judgment Day that waits for us all. Biblical doesn't mean something nebulous or mythical, some made-up tales to persuade or coerce people to behave to a higher moral standard. There is a REALITY behind the Bible. One that is quite a bit left of what most understand,  but no less astounding. And The Watchers  ✨  The Karistus  ✨ play an integral part. They always have. They still do today. So ... Watch yourself. Because others are ALWAYS watching you. And if this pisses you off ... I'll remind you of the idea of Quantum Entanglement. If you believe in this ... Do you REALLY think you are EXEMPT from this principle?

Asturias - The Karistus in Spain

The Azhurians (part 1 of 2) The Azhurians (part 2 of 2) s ee also  Asturias & Nuberu  blog post see also  Sanxingdui  blog post

Controlled Degradation - Snapshots of Evil Manifesting in Daily Life

Warning ... this post is a nauseating one of random screen-grabs of outrageous current situations. The incredibly sad thing is that there are so many to choose from! Now, I'm not going to go hunting for such examples ... I'll just wait till they drift cross my timelines. This will be a work in progress ... I'm not sure when I'll stop being astounded at the depths of depravity our world is being exposed to, or when I've had a gutful of contaminating my Lair by posting such examples in order to make a point. The point? Yeah ... there is one.  How long will you continue to remain oblivious that there is a SPIRITUAL WAR raging around you? What will it take for you to take a stand? Do you see how most attacks are on THE CHILDREN?! How do you assault your Soul by staying silent and inactive? Do you think for a moment that this bodes well for your Eternity? Think REALLY HARD before you answer that. On another note ... I should probably introduce you to the concept of the

Toxic Tango | Disrespecting The Masculine

I ... Needed him then didn't want him Wanted him then pretended not to need him Called for him then rejected him  Invited him then denied him Admired him for what he achieved then hated him for it Loved him then despised him Demanded his power then emasculated him Craved him then resented him Opened up for him then refused entry Expected of him then was disappointed in what he offered Lost myself in him then blamed him for it ooOoo For most of my life, from my earliest teenage years, I was a feminist.  I was solidly indoctrinated by my education, by my family, by the media.  I only 'got smart' embarrassingly recently and finally, FINALLY, learned to see the masculine in his nobility. Men are biologically different to women … Men are intellectually different to women …  Men are emotionally different to women … Men are spiritually different to women … Men are designed by the creator for a particular purpose. As are women. They are just different. Not better. Not worse. Just .

Corruption of Innocence | A Parable of Masculine Sacrifice

The tale below is extracted Cathy Fox's blog from 27 March 2020, titled  Equilibrium (Silence Breaks Forth Into Song Part 3)   If you're not familiar with Cathy Fox, she writes about child abuse and the illuminati. It is told in the style of a parable, but could well be based in fact. Do not envy the children of the elites. Their indoctrination is achieved by brutalisation ... so, yes ... this is a gory and heartbreaking tale.  While I am sympathetic to ritual abuse victims, I disagree with many of the conclusions and extrapolations that Cathy Fox makes about who is behind it. Sure, there are partial truths, but the reality is multi-faceted and more complex.  We truly have no idea about the big game that is being played here. Now ... I really hope my readers don't require trigger warnings, but if you do, consider this sentence to be it. ❤ I’d like to share the first moment we embraced the beliefs [that] we were unaware at the time were being pushed upon us. “Though in appar

Europe's Long Winter Ahead

This post is for my friends and colleagues in Europe, who have been put on notice to prepare for some difficult few months ahead, particularly with regard to food, staying warm, and transport.  Note that I write this from the privileged position from living on the other side of the world from Europe ... in Tasmania, Australia, where I live in a self-sustaining rural region where community spirit is very strong. And as Europe heads into winter, I am heading into summer. So take my words in context of being an outsider looking in and giving my two cents worth when it comes to the day-to-day stuff of survival. However, for many of us ... many of you ... this is not simply a matter of survival. It is an opportunity for you to put yourself to the test ...  Angels Only Shop For K-hybrids and other non-human allies walking in human bodies, these are my words to you. Do your very best to keep body and soul together. Without fear. Because what will be will be. If it is your time for your body t

The ONLY Thing That Matters in Truth Hunting

I truly have no idea of the full scope of physical mechanics behind our 3D reality. Nor of the metaphysical mechanics. Sure, I have my pet theories, but, as is everyone's, they are unprovable and are articles of my faith. These articles of faith are solid and sufficient enough for me to persist with, as they have borne some very sweet and nourishing fruit for me. But there are many external phenomena - Black Goo and Galactic Federations, for instance - that are intriguing, but ultimately unfulfilling rabbit holes for me. Again, unless you're a deep insider of one faction or another, or a need-to-know employee or subcontractor of one, all conjectures are unprovable.  Lay people like you and I are strung along with countless articles and videos, and while we may be clever enough to connect some dots, we will never be privy to the finer details of the big picture. It's a trap to ever consider that we think we know what's going on, even for us who watch Dante's videos.

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