The ONLY Thing That Matters in Truth Hunting

I truly have no idea of the full scope of physical mechanics behind our 3D reality. Nor of the metaphysical mechanics.

Sure, I have my pet theories, but, as is everyone's, they are unprovable and are articles of my faith. These articles of faith are solid and sufficient enough for me to persist with, as they have borne some very sweet and nourishing fruit for me.

But there are many external phenomena - Black Goo and Galactic Federations, for instance - that are intriguing, but ultimately unfulfilling rabbit holes for me. Again, unless you're a deep insider of one faction or another, or a need-to-know employee or subcontractor of one, all conjectures are unprovable. 

Lay people like you and I are strung along with countless articles and videos, and while we may be clever enough to connect some dots, we will never be privy to the finer details of the big picture. It's a trap to ever consider that we think we know what's going on, even for us who watch Dante's videos. Trying to navigate this external matrix reality is like being tossed around on wild seas.

So really, I don't care to hear more. I don't care to debate hypotheticals. 

However, all that being said, there is one reality that I DO know to be valid, and that I navigate with confidence. And that is the realm of the inner world. The Soul. Psychology. Shadow Work. Meaning and Purpose. Consciousness. Emotions and emotional energy. Relationships - with Self, with others, with the Divine. 

Spiritual Reality, as lived out in your life.

That zero point where your Soul interfaces with the material world.

The matrix, however you care to define it, is Plato's cave of shadows. Reality begins with you. Your interpretation of the information you receive through your senses.

Your goal is to be thrilled to be here. Now. Alive.

This is true regardless of your realm, your essence, your galactic origins, your purpose and mission.

The Spiritual War is between Life and No-Life (aka the Void aka dissolution aka formlessness aka no-thing), and which one will ultimately prevail.

Your external reality is evidence of where your inner reality is at. Your external life is a reflection of your beliefs, values, and priorities, which are your internal matrix ... the skeleton upon which your outer reality shapes itself.

You are NOT a victim. 

You are NOT a survivor.

You are a WARRIOR.

It's ludicrous, in my opinion, to spend your time in pursuit of the details of the nature of reality when your own life is a mess. There is a high chance that you will end up as cannon fodder for the Void.

If your researching does not lead you to 

(i) become a better person, 

(ii) live a fulfilling life, and 

(iii) help others achieve the same,

then you are on a  perpetual fool's errand.

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