Europe's Long Winter Ahead

This post is for my friends and colleagues in Europe, who have been put on notice to prepare for some difficult few months ahead, particularly with regard to food, staying warm, and transport. 

Note that I write this from the privileged position from living on the other side of the world from Europe ... in Tasmania, Australia, where I live in a self-sustaining rural region where community spirit is very strong. And as Europe heads into winter, I am heading into summer. So take my words in context of being an outsider looking in and giving my two cents worth when it comes to the day-to-day stuff of survival.

However, for many of us ... many of you ... this is not simply a matter of survival. It is an opportunity for you to put yourself to the test ... 

For K-hybrids and other non-human allies walking in human bodies, these are my words to you.

Do your very best to keep body and soul together. Without fear. Because what will be will be. If it is your time for your body to die, then nothing you plan for will stop this. If it is not your time for your body to die, then there will be many 'coincidences' and 'lucky' events in your life that will keep your body and soul together a while longer. 

But! The QUALITY of your character will be what is going to be polished in the weeks and months ahead. 

Whether you think and worry only about yourself, or whether you make yourself useful to others. 

Remember that service to self is the mantra of the arsehole side, and service to others is our mantra. Think of all the sacrifices the K's and their allies make constantly on behalf of humans living on this planet. 

On a sombre note, if and when you find yourself on the threshold of leaving this incarnation, bring Azazael's name to your lips, bring his presence to you in your mind, and he will guide you across. If not Azazael, then The Goddess or Dhor Kyristyl. You are of their essence, and to their essence you will return. Lucky you! 😉

Ask yourself how you can help the K's and their allies win, how you can be a light for goodness and peace. Help your community in some way in the coming days. Help those who are full of fear and angst. Help those who are old, or unwell, or struggling in some way. Volunteer where you can. Don't be at the end of the hand-out line. Be part of those who distribute resources. This is a time to let your CARING shine bright and strong to those around you. 

In practical terms, unless you have health problems, don't be afraid of occasionally missing some food. Awareness of Intermittent Fasting has become wide-spread over recent years. We eat too much anyway, in our western world so it might be helpful to think of the time ahead as a 'course correction.'

Rice and beans are a cheap nutritious staple that many around the world sustain themselves on. 

Then there's OMAD ... one meal a day. Make friends with those growly Grehlins that make your tummy rumble. They only last about 30 minutes and then they ebb away. You're right. I'm no expert, but I've tested this myself. Keep in mind, I'm speaking when food is still available and it's optional for you to eat ... not if food is not at all available like in a famine or a holodomoric genocide. I don't think the K's will allow such a thing to happen again.

Now, if you find yourself forced to eat sub-par food, pray over it. Infuse it with love and peace. Your resentment and anger will only compound any negative essence in the food itself. Whereas infusing it with peace and gratitude, you will both calm your own stress hormones as well as neutralise the 'bad' food. 

Trust the design of your body and its immune system to efficiently and effectively utilise any nutrition it can find in the foods you eat, and pass anything that is toxic to its well-being. 

Then there's the matter of staying warm. Your particular community will find solutions appropriate to your resources. Help others to stay warm as well, and do so together. 

This is not a time for isolation. This is a time for you to step up and let your Karistus essence push forward and to let it flow out into your neighbourhood, village, or community centres. 

In these coming times, do not allow anger and outrage to be your default emotions. Yes, there will be situations that will be heartbreaking and senseless. But have faith in our side. Support them with love and prayers, as well as by your caring actions towards others. Don't make their job harder by you adding your discordant energetic vibrations to the 'atmosphere'. 

Be useful. And care enough to help those around you who are struggling. 

Remember ... this is your eternity that you are investing in. 

Stay safe. Be strong. 

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