Controlled Degradation - Snapshots of Evil Manifesting in Daily Life

Warning ... this post is a nauseating one of random screen-grabs of outrageous current situations. The incredibly sad thing is that there are so many to choose from! Now, I'm not going to go hunting for such examples ... I'll just wait till they drift cross my timelines.

This will be a work in progress ... I'm not sure when I'll stop being astounded at the depths of depravity our world is being exposed to, or when I've had a gutful of contaminating my Lair by posting such examples in order to make a point.

The point? Yeah ... there is one. 

How long will you continue to remain oblivious that there is a SPIRITUAL WAR raging around you?

What will it take for you to take a stand? Do you see how most attacks are on THE CHILDREN?!

How do you assault your Soul by staying silent and inactive? Do you think for a moment that this bodes well for your Eternity? Think REALLY HARD before you answer that.

On another note ... I should probably introduce you to the concept of the Overton Window. It's like the boiling frog approach to shifting what is acceptable to the mainstream.

If you require more information about this, do some digging.

How do they do this? Using good ol' psychology. Here's an example for the British Government.

Click to read the full report

20 October 2022

23 October 2022

This was an actual article on the UN's own website. It was deleted and passed off as a parody once it was broadly circulated. However, it was captured on an archive site before it was deleted. You can read the full article here.

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