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Credo Mutwa's Reptilians

I first heard about Credo Mutwa and his accounts many years ago ... long before I learned of the Vlash ... or the Karistus. So I thought it would be highly pertinent to revisit these revelations, filtered through my new understandings. Reptilian Aliens In Africa: African Shaman Shares Hidden History By Jun 3, 2021 Credo Mutwa shares an incredible (and fairly convincing) story from his ancestors about an “alien” invasion that destroyed humanity; and is the reason for the pain and suffering we see in the world today. Credo Mutwa is a famous African Zulu sangoma (traditional healer) from South Africa, who has had ancient esoteric knowledge from his ancestors and predecessors passed down to him that helps to illuminate ancient history. More interesting than this though, is the Zulu elder has had personal experience that corroborates this knowledge he was told; and that knowledge includes what we popularly refer to today as reptilians (and he calls Chitauli ) ruling over Earth

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