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My Journey to Jesus

At some late point in my esoteric studies, I FINALLY looked at Christianity with a discerning lens. I had studied many faiths, even learning Sanskrit at university, so I could dive into original Gitas. I was raised in an agnostic household, without religious overtones, but both my German parents were soured by their Lutheran upbringing, so the only way Christianity was spoken of in my home was in a negative and cynical context. So it wasn't until my late 40's that I cast my gaze towards this character called Jesus. Acutely aware of the politicisation of the bible for social control, I wanted to look at the being at the start of this faith, at the centre of it. First I looked at the historical aspects ... Josephus, Ralph Ellis, Barbara Thiering, etc, trying to get a handle of the actual existence of Jesus, and what that most likely would have looked like. And what I read was convincing enough that I could believe he had lived ... or a few characters of that name had lived and th

How you can serve The Cause even if you haven't been invited to.

This will be a bit of an all-over-the-place writing because there are no clear boundaries between the aspects that I'll be writing about. "Kaleidoscopic" is my favourite term to describe life and my journey within it. And it's a given that I'll keep fiddling with it. As I re-read it, I'll find more gaps I shoulda filled in, discover where I haven't made myself very clear, and roll my eyes at the number of typos that have snuck in. Dante's videos stir up a lot of people in a positive way, often leaving them with a free-floating desire or yearning to help. But D is a militarist. He is a warrior.  Many times I find myself surrounded only by what I call ... "brutes and flowers". Meaning ... some just want to KILL and others just want to FEEL. The THINKING WARRIOR is preferable.  But to become one ... takes TIME and WORK. A lot of it ... Dante ( source video unknown )   So ... not everyone who wants to help The Cause, or who writes to him asking t

Cathars - a quick encounter

 The Siege of Montségur was a nine-month siege of the Cathar-held Château de Montségur by French royal forces starting in May 1243. After the castle surrendered, about 210 perfecti and unrepentant credentes were burned in a bonfire on 16 March 1244 . For the Cathars, the laurel represented everything they strived for: deep love, personal mystical experience of God, freedom and peace. When they were murdered, they said: "The laurel wilts." In 1321, the last cathar parfait Guillaume  Bélibaste  was burned at the stake, where he prophesied: "In 700 years, the laurel will become green again and good men and women will return."   2021 is 700 years from the utterance of that prophecy. I was born on the 714 th  anniversary of the Montsegur burning day. The following images are by Airpax

Jupiter Politics

Lot, the guy who escaped Sodom, was a child molester.  The child in question was his daughter, an adult woman.  Child can refer to an adult offspring.  Dante has again uploaded an accusatory video and again removed it after a few hours. Something he seems to do on a semi-regular basis.  Now, there's nothing like a trigger-word accusation to see who in your circle is able to do some higher level critical thinking. This is quite possibly a test by the accuser to see who questions and who doesn't. For better or worse, I do. I don't feel my loyalty to Azazael to be compromised. Having the inclination to read between the lines makes me comfortable with apparent contradictions and cognitive dissonances. Intrigues and manoeuverings happen in every court and in every hall of power. People are foolish to think in terms of black and white. Note that Dante has not accused Paul of being a pedophile . He specifically uses the term child molester. Pay attention. Words matter !!!!! So wh

Jupiter Teachings ... Axioms of Power

 These videos and insights are from/through Jamael. ( Screenshot ) Video Screenshots ( Screenshot ) Part 2

Trishul - Energy Weapon of the Gods

A messy post but a useful depository of images and info on ancient energy weapons for the time being. Odin's spear Gungnir Thunderbolts Mjölnir Vajra (Tibetan  Dorje ) Why does the devil have a pitchfork? (One answer from Quora) Hades, god of the underworld, known to the Romans as Pluto, is the closest classical cognate to our figure of the devil. The symbols of Hades included his throne (he was king of the underworld—the land of the dead), his hound Cerberus who sometimes had 2 or 3 heads, and his “sceptre.” This sceptre, in more recent centuries, is sometimes describes as a “bident”—a two pronged equivalent of Poseidon’s trident. However classical writers are imprecise on this point, and on the exact nature of Hades staff. Ovid writes, in Metamorphoses: The naiad Cyane held out her arms outstretched to bar his [Hades] way. But Hades restrained his wrath no longer. Urging on his steeds, his terrible steeds, and brandishing aloft his royal sceptre in his strong right arm, he hurled

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