Lair Update - 5 December 2021

Yeah, for better or worse, I enjoy just disappearing for a time. I am not designed for constant busyness. Well, I choose not to be ... not these days. I play my own rhythms to march to, and I don't lead with my shoulds

And I know I should keep these lair updates, well, up to date. 

And I know I should attend more assiduously to my subscriber list. My apologies if you're on there and haven't heard from me for a while ... the tide will turn in due course, but for now I have commitments on a parallel tangent. 

Should is such a desiccating concept, sucking all the juiciness out of my intuition, my soul, that push me to follow the activities that are calling me at the moment. I do my most inspired and potent connections with my greater self by allowing my shoulds to be herded to the back of the queue. 

Don't get me wrong ... I have hard-line duties and responsibilities that I need to meet, and I do my very best to honour those. But they still, for the most part, feel abrasive and I admit that procrastination is an indulged flaw. However, there are times when my intuition and soul guide me to these commitments, and then I feel totally in the flow when working on them. 

I consider myself extremely fortunate and privileged to be able to determine my own priorities, and I recognise that few others have such a lifestyle advantage.

So when you see that I've been somewhat neglectful in a certain segment, it's most likely that I haven't been called to it because there are so many other harvests to be tended to.

Remember, I have a kaleidoscopic process of bringing forth my knowings into the world. Realising and submitting to this innate desire within me is what flavours my work, my site, my voice. It's what makes me not-normal. Wyrd.

This piece of insight from Nathan Glass cracked me up!

Well, I challenge you ... define LAZY. 😂 😎

I have a hunch we'll have different definitions, you and I.

Until the next update, stay true and stay strong, and make lots of mischief!

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