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The Mythic Pleiades Sisters

This is a snapshot introductions to the PLEIADES sisters from Greek Mythology.  The Pleiades by Elihu Vedde Today, the name of the Pleiades is perhaps best known as a cluster of stars in the night’s sky, making up part of the Taurus constellation; these seven stars though, are named after seven sisters, the Pleiades of Greek mythology. Writers in antiquity would talk of seven Pleiades, mountain nymphs, thought to inhabit Ancient Greece. The seven Pleiades were the daughters of the Titan Atlas; and where a mother is named, they were the offspring of the Oceanid Pleione. Atlas was well-known for his beautiful offspring, and so the Pleiades were sisters to the Hesperides, the Hyades, and Hyas. The names of the seven Pleiades was general agreed up by ancient sources, with the seven sisters being;  Maia,  Electra,  Taygete,  Alcyone,  Celaeno,  Sterope, and  Merope. The Role of the Pleiades In Ancient Greece, the role of the Pleiades was that of companions and attendants to the goddess of t

Hybrid Ideological Conflicts

I write this post in response to a growing number of requests that ask me to clarify my stance on the Cosmic Agency Taygetan narrative. So I have the desire to create a comprehensive response that captures all my thoughts and feelings about this. Well, as many as I can think of while this post is open to being written. However, before I dive in ... there's a couple of very important points I want to make crystal clear:  Point 1:  I am not against the race of Pleyadiyans from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta, as catalogued in Dante's Alien Races Book.   I DO take issue with those who use this race as a cover for deceptive practices, basically as a controlled opposition psyop, for starseeds seeking genuine connection to their origins. There are a number of red flags that I hope to cover in this post. Point 2:  Because of my clear and strong views that I share somewhat prolifically, and despite my repeated statements to the contrary, some folks have the misapprehension that I

Pleiadian Sex Cultivation

Don't get hung up on spelling, which is clearly phonetic. Here's what the Alien Races Book has on 'Taygetans' ... Now, take these clues and follow your own trail of curiosity to find answers for yourself. Clue 1. They are associated with Spiritual Growth. There is a quality of discretion to true spiritual teachers and I'd suspect they wouldn't devalue it by encouraging an inflexible cult around their knowledge and practices. Clue 2. They practice sex cultivation  ... or if you wish  ... sexual alchemy to raise and/or expand their consciousness. The tantric and taoist practices of Tibet, India, and China would suggest to have been passed on by the Pleyidiyans. Clue 3. They tend to be silent whilst visiting this planet. You would hardly know they are here. Having platforms with tens of thousands of followers would hardly be the modus operandi for maintaining a subtle presence. These clues do not resonate with those groups who present themselves as Taygetans. 1. Th

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