Hybrid Ideological Conflicts

I write this post in response to a growing number of requests that ask me to clarify my stance on the Cosmic Agency Taygetan narrative.

So I have the desire to create a comprehensive response that captures all my thoughts and feelings about this. Well, as many as I can think of while this post is open to being written.

However, before I dive in ... there's a couple of very important points I want to make crystal clear: 

Point 1: 

I am not against the race of Pleyadiyans from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta, as catalogued in Dante's Alien Races Book. 

I DO take issue with those who use this race as a cover for deceptive practices, basically as a controlled opposition psyop, for starseeds seeking genuine connection to their origins. There are a number of red flags that I hope to cover in this post.

Point 2: 

Because of my clear and strong views that I share somewhat prolifically, and despite my repeated statements to the contrary, some folks have the misapprehension that I am somehow a person of authority and/or have inside information, and/or have an influence upon others.

Let me restate: I am not an insider. I am on no secret mission, other than the one I chose for myself. I have no access to any knowledge or information that wasn't made publicly available at some stage.

The only authority I stand on is my own. My confidence and wisdom has accumulated over four decades of personal development and shadow work, assiduous intellectual research, in-depth studies of philosophies, psychology, and mysteries. My intuition and my intellect work synergistically. My ego is healthy and robust. My soul soars across time and space. 

What I value over and above everything else is FREE WILL. Particularly the Free Will to think how I want. 

I have my strongest visceral resistance to any attempts to limit or control what I'm allowed to think.  I rebel against any discouragement to question ... either directly or by researching for answers to my questions.

THAT is the primary quality that I use to filter, discern, and navigate through these complex times of information distortions and convolutions.

Also, let me declare unequivocally that I place myself firmly in the Karistus camp. My loyalty to Dante/Azazael is absolute.

You want to know why? 

Because Dante does not impinge on my Freedom of Thought and the right to question. That's the ultimate bottom line for me.

(And ... don't charge money for it!!!!)
I don't expect perfection from Dante/Azazael. I don't place him on a pedestal. Dante is not my guru ... he is my kin, a family elder who has earned my respect. I know he pisses people off ... intentionally. He's certainly no people pleaser. 

Okay ... while not specifically mentioning Taygetans as a distinct race, the star is mentioned in the first Alien Races Book released by Dante Santori, along with the main planet, Erra.

And while they are acknowledged to have regularly visited our planet for millennia, they have been mostly 'silent' for over 12,000 years. So why are they chattering now, accumulating tens of thousands of followers? 

For the record, I find the 'sex cultivation' comment intriguing. It suggests to me Tantric practices of Tibet, India, and China. Quite adult activities to be fronted by young girl avatars.

Here's an old FB post that expands the concept of Pleiadeian Sex Cultivation.

This is certainly worth a deeper dive, so I've prepared the way here.

Where IS Taygeta?

(This is for my own benefit ... I like to know the ... er geography? ... or is that the stellar-ography of places under discussion)

Intentional Deception

About a year ago ... early 2023 ...  I came across this video ... I highly encourage you to watch it.

Take care not to confuse the people behind this deception with the actual race mentioned in the ARB.

If this is no longer available on YT, here's a backup link from my g-drive.

As you might expect, there was a vicious backlash against this video and against the two women.

I admit ... whenever I see youtube channel art for a swaaru video these days, I just see the porn star faces that these avatars were credibly outed as being based on ... tweaked for specific effect.

Sorry - not sorry - if that upsets anyone.

It's exceedingly rare to find a follower of these folks who doesn't act like they've been pulled into a cult of interplanetary fundamentalists.

What a difference a year makes ...

Let me ask you ... have their "disclosures" ever been more than stories and opinions? 
Have their "disclosures" resulted in you lifting the game of your own life, or do you just find solace in their narrative without having to do anything yourself. 
Do they EMPOWER you to be a better person?

Frankly, I'd give the Secret Space Program super-soldiers more credibility than this bunch of fake-light operatives who I perceive as shameless loosh-harvesters masquerading as innocent and pure victims. 

It's a proven irresistible lure to those with tender hearts, and one which is ruthlessly exploited.

Toughen up and apply critical thinking. Be aware how closely this group acts like a cult:
  • The leaders are the exclusive means of knowing "truth" or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.
  • There is no tolerance for questions or critical inquiry. The leaders are always right.
  • Dissenters and former followers are always wrong. Anyone who leaves is negative or working for the cabal.
  • Followers feel they, or humans generally, are never good enough.
  • The leaders are innocent victims of evil conspiracies and persecutions.

Yeah ... I feel like blowing a few things up today. 😈💥

I have no problem if you choose to cut me loose. That would kinda prove my points.

A bubble of articulation has just popped into my consciousness, concerning Dante and the other off-world groups like the Taygetans.

Dante feels like he is a TEACHER. He shows you the links, the connections, the evidence.

Swaruu/Yahzi, and all the many other purported off-planet entities, are like a Big Sister (or Brother). They make you feel good, but it's just words. An unsubstantiated narrative.

And yes, I'm a nerd (don't tell me you're surprised!) I'd rather learn from evidence. It makes my foundation of faith stronger.

Why? Why are they attacking Taygetan disclosure?
Hmmm ... I can think of a few reasons. 

Poor Taygetans. So sad. Such victims. 

Positioning yourself as a victim is such a powerful strategy for manipulation. Often used by females. Looshing off kind-hearted empaths who have  also felt victimised in their past, and who are now having their protective nature triggered. 

Ah ... this is a particularly succulent flavour of loosh.

Yes, I can be quite a b!tch. At least now you know.

Family of Taygeta

Tall Nordic types ... easily assumed to be Angels. However, other sources suggest these are the most cunning and ruthless predators

There's also this account ... https://twitter.com/FamilyofTaygeta ... with Judith Lynn being the 'channeler'.  Kab, the guy behind this X account, is her son.

Here is a typical post  ... (Elon, Emperor of Mars, will be happy to hear of this). Head over to the account to read more of the channeling.
#AKATU ~ Life On Mars
Friends Of Light!
In This Communication, We Will Review Four Races That Were Created On Mars. Three Races Have Been Revealed In Previous Messages While One Will Be New In The Revelation Of Truth.
Tt Live Underground In Deep Clay And Minerals. They Are Peaceful And Remain Private With Little Interaction With Other Life Forms. They Stand On Two Legs But Their Body Form Resembles An Insect. There Are Four Appendages That Are Used To Gather Nourishment Of Minerals Contained in Rocks And Small Amounts Of Water To Sustain Circulation And Temperature. Pools Of Water Are Plentiful Within Caverns And Mountains That Allow Times Of Refreshing And Relaxation Among The STEO.
The CEKAO Are Beings That Resemble Lizards In Form With Skin That Changes Colors From Tan To Green Or Dark Grey As Their Emotions Shift. They Experience Anger, Fear And Love And Are Guided In Survival By These Projections. They Stand Three Feet Tall With A Nose And Mouth Area That Is Open And Circular. Breathing And Consuming Elements Of Rocks, Debris And Water Is Achieved In This Method. Changing Color Allows The CEKAO To Camouflage In Any Location On Mars. This Is Their Primary Defense Against Visitors That Are Threatening.
The Next Race We Will Briefly Mention Is A Group Of Beings Called FELO. These Peaceful Beings Were Created Millions Of Years Ago And Lived Among Beautiful Rock Formations And Majestic Mountains. They Are Red In Color As Clay Would Look To You. They Resemble Rocks And They Also Used Camouflage To Hide From Danger. Living For An Extended Period Of Peace, They Also Remained Quite Primitive In Advancement. Many Races Landed In Crafts To Explore And The FELO Retreated Into Isolation. As The Galactic Federation Offered Assistance And Teaching While Visiting, The FELO Learned To Build Structures Within The Mountains That They Called Home. A Group Of Dark Beings Arrived And Captured These Loving Beings And Took Them To Planets Of Isolation And Hard Labor. The Light Forces Arrived And Freed Them And They Were Relocated To An Uninhabited Planet. There, The FELO Live In Great Peace. They Are Visited With News And Updates Of Changes In The Cosmos As The Galactic Federation Oversees Their Endeavors.
There Is A Race Of Beings Called BLAKEE. These Souls Live In A Body Form With Two Legs And Two Arms With Webbing Between Four Fingers On Each Hand. They Have A Rough Skin Texture With Reddish Orange Skin. Their Eyes Are Black And Slanted And Their Nose Is Narrow With A Circular Shaped Mouth. They Also Live With The Sustenance Of Minerals, Elements And Water From Their Habitat Of Living Conditions.
All Four Of These Races Have Families With New Life Born. They Have Lifespans Of Five Thousand Years Or More. They Incarnate Back Into Their Own Race. They Are Peaceful And Content With Life!
There Are Bases Within The Rocks And Mountains Where Members Of The Galactic Federation Meet With Honor. Beneath The Images Of Debris, Rocks And Caverns, There Are Openings That Lead To Chambers Of Gold And Crystals. Arriving In Motherships To Areas Unseen Are Operational And Seamless With The Power Of The Light Forces. Surveying The Area In Preparation For New Civilizations Of Peace Is A Powerful Mission Of Planning With Great Love!
Life Is Sacred And Ongoing On The Planet You Know As Mars. There Will Be Civilizations That Will Be Of Great Beauty And High Technology In The Perceived Future Of This Great Planet. Crystal Structures And Areas Of Travel Will Transform The Land To Beauty. Souls Of The New Earth Will Enjoy Visiting Mars As Part Of The New Abilities To Travel Without Limitation!
Indeed, You Are Part Of Such A Magnificent Unity Of Races That Will Unite With Great Intention!
I Love You So!

Elena Danaan’s book, "We Will Never Let you Down" (p231). Swaruu as an AI psyop.

Oy vey! Which Taygetan narrative is the true one, hmmm?

Loka's quick summary of differences


Faux Taygetans

Allied with Kurs and Anunakene. 

Nor mention of Taygetans as allies.

Not recognised as a distinct race in ARB.

Closest are the Pleyadiyans

Military race

Defenders, protectors

Military men and masculine values at the public interface

Using Little girl avatars of pornographic origin as the ambassadors

Skin in the game here on Earth - repeated and ongoing loss and sacrifices on our behalf

Observers, Hands off

Teach and preach new age ascension

Do not preach spiritual or new age teachings, but stress developing our character and honour. 

They do speak of reincarnation as a given, and of repercussions of actions.

Provide endless evidence of their presence amongst us and around us - past and present

Claims … talk only … without evidence

Conservative and traditional values

Liberal values … “love and light”

Do not charge for their public teachings 

Do not ask for donations or ‘cups of coffee’

Have legitimate value-filled businesses to bring in income that don’t ‘beg’ or guilt-trip their followers 

Do not work alone … have an expansive and sophisticated organisation behind them.

Ask for ‘appreciation’ or ‘gratitude’ donations.

Offer membership subscriptions.


There is only one ‘official’ figurehead.

There is only one ‘official’ distribution channel for the public.

Fragmented groups and clusters

Cosmic Agency and Family of Taygeta do not seem to integrate information

Will never impinge on your free will to go against their ‘suggestions’

Followers tend to be coercive and fundamentalists towards anyone who questions their gurus, who they regard as infallible.

Dante makes no claim to being perfect or infallible.

In fact, he often makes the effort to be pugnacious.

They insist on intelligence from those who find them. They insist on critical thinking and will lead them to clues.  

They handle questioning of their dogma or their representatives in defensive ways.

Do not give consultations or tell you who you are/were. They expect you to do your own work to expand your knowing.

Offer consultations to teach you who you are. 

Are not here to rescue us, but to guide us to our moral strength so we fight our own fight.

Feed hope that things are being done offworld and behind the scenes.

Provide narratives that are intriguing to starseeds, but with no followup on how to use that narrative to become a better or stronger person.

Are not interested in gaining followers and will avoid being found in large numbers. They are elusive and utilise only one platform.

Youtube channel: 2.3K subscribers

When 4K subscribers are reached, the channel will shut down and a new one made.

Seek to attract followers on multiple platforms 

X - Family of Taygeta 28.8K followers

YT - Family of Taygeta 5.7K subscribers 

YT - Cosmic Agency 96.5K subscribers

They do not want to be leaders of  passive followers. 

They want their kin to find them, be activated, and step up alongside them.

Community leaders are cultivated from the devoted followers with classic cult techniques to ensure fidelity to the narrative.

Information is based in current events and/or history. 

Claims are supported by media reports, academic references, art, documented signs and symbols.

Videos are filled with montages of soundtracks and educational footage from various sources that have taken thought and effort to assemble.

Use channeling as a medium of information transmission. 

Unverifiable content. Unverifiable legitimacy of sources.

Channeling and telepathy are open to psyop exploitation with technologies such as ‘Voice of God’ - used by human or other races.

Don’t care if you follow Taygetans, but consider that you’re not using your critical thinking to your fullest extent.

Make unsupportable claims of having personal knowledge of Karistus, but have been told ‘not to disturb Dante’. 

There is no official forum for discussing the revelations that Dante makes on behalf of the Karistus. 

As a rule, he does not engage in discussion with the audience.

There is no easy way for followers to find and/or connect with each other unless they take the initiative.

There is a Cosmic Agency forum that reinforces the narrative and members tend to be hard on dissenters or questioners.

Both groups (CA & FoT) use multiple platforms to accumulate followers and form communities … creating insulated information bubbles

Yes. Mind stretching claims are made.

Evidence of doubtful veracity is shown

Mind games are played with us

The whole truth is never revealed

Misdirections are frequent

But we know this. Yet we still show up, with our eyes wide open.

It takes a particular kind of mental and psychic robustness to persevere with Dante’s revelations. 

Yes, mind stretching claims are made.

Mind games are played.

Followers regard this as gospel. 

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