Pleiadian Sex Cultivation

Don't get hung up on spelling, which is clearly phonetic.

Here's what the Alien Races Book has on 'Taygetans' ...

Now, take these clues and follow your own trail of curiosity to find answers for yourself.

Clue 1. They are associated with Spiritual Growth.
There is a quality of discretion to true spiritual teachers
and I'd suspect they wouldn't devalue it by encouraging an inflexible cult around their knowledge and practices.

Clue 2. They practice sex cultivation 
... or if you wish 
... sexual alchemy to raise and/or expand their consciousness.

The tantric and taoist practices of Tibet, India, and China would suggest to have been passed on by the Pleyidiyans.

Clue 3. They tend to be silent whilst visiting this planet.
You would hardly know they are here.
Having platforms with tens of thousands of followers would hardly be the modus operandi for maintaining a subtle presence.

These clues do not resonate with those groups who present themselves as Taygetans.
1. Their followers do not display behaviour in accord with Spiritual Growth.

2. They use the avatars of young girls to represent them ... hardly fitting for a race that values and prioritises sex, unless pedophilia is part of their practice (which would also be contraindicated by Clue 1) 
(Please don't attempt to justify this with twisted liberal relativism.)

3. They're certainly not maintaining a silent, subtle presence at this time.

By their fruits you will know them 
... to be the deceivers these Faux Taygetans show themselves to be.

Now ... back to this Sex Cultivation business. What is that about?

In my initial hunt for further clues, I came across this 👇 written over eleven years ago. I consider the description to be credible even though I have my reservations about other things they disseminate. But hey, don't listen to me. What do I know?

It's obviously a titillating topic, so there's a lot to explore if you're interested in exploring what an internet search would yield.

I'm also reminded of a particular novel by VS Ferguson- Inanna Hyperluminal - that, amongst other things, features a spiritual sexual joining between an off-world male and female, both of high rank. By the way, there is another book that precedes this one - Inanna Returns. I recommend both ... many truthful tidbits expressed as fiction. I've added links below for you to access free pdf's.

These books are not available in ebook version, nor do they currently seem to be in print except as secondhand copies.

However, they are useful books in that they cultivate your imagination of being more than human and what it would be like to be one of the gods, interacting across time and space.

Note that the premise for both books is based on the Sitchin narrative, which has dubious origins and agendas.

Click image to download free pdf

Click image to download free pdf

The blurb below has been translated from German as there wasn't one in English.

V Susan Ferguson’s website has been archived at

You will find many interesting and delicious writings.

Further questions I have about the Pleyidiyans that I will ask for further clues to follow up with ...

1. Are they the same as the Anunakene ... are they related/connected in any way?

😀 That's really the only question I have at this stage.

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