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St Pancras = St Azazael

Now, you may have heard of St Pancras in terms of place names, particularly if you've been looking at London or England.  St Pancras hospital and church (the old one) are both in the middle of old London. He's not a saint you hear very much about, but it often comes up in stories set in London ... like in Sherlock Holmes, for instance. Pope Gregory the Great gave impetus to the cult of Pancras, sending Augustine to England carrying relics of that saint and including his legend in Liber in gloria martyrum (for this reason, many English churches are dedicated to Pancras; St Pancras Old Church in London is one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England). In Western Christianity he [St Azazael] is known as St. Pancras. It is believed that the King of Northumberland in Great Britain received a portion of saint’s relics and built a church dedicated to the martyr. Additionally, several churches in London and surroundings are in the name of the saint. A well-known Railway sta

Azazael and Ana: A Tale of (Probable) Fiction

I found this evocative image here Blurb to the image: This is a scene from the side book, "The Time before time," where Azazael before he becomes Azazel goes on a mad rampart of revenge and attack all who have peeved him off. When Heaven opens up and knock him flat on his behind. She steps through and kiss him to soothe his insurmountable rage. Oooh! This sounds potentially juicy (!) and interesting when I stumbled across this image entirely by accident, in pursuit of other Azazael-based research. Yeah, I have a lot of coincidences happening like this for me. 😏 So, naturally, I hopped, skipped, and jumped across various links and hints to finally find where this author, A White, has her writings live. Almost all are from around 2016, and I haven't been able to find anything more recent.  She also changed the title of her work since then, so I'm not certain where the image and blurb I found fits in with her finished products.  To check it out for yourself, click on e

The Emperor of Mars

Translated to English :  Did you know Wernher Von Braun's 1953 book, "Mars Project," referred to a person named Elon who would bring humans to Mars? Nearly 70 years ago, a book "predicted" what today looks like reality: such an Elon would arrive on a crewed flight to Mars, where he would direct the first colony of human beings. Prediction or coincidence? In the book, the leader of the Martian government is called "Elon". All he needed to say was he was going to start an electric car company earlier. "The Mars Project." Predestining through science. When, in late 2020, an expert journalist on the subject reminded him of the passage of Wernher von Braun's novel, an enthusiastic Musk responded with: "It's destiny." There’s no escape for me.” The red planet has been part of Musk's dreams for a long time, as Musk himself argues that the only salvation for life on Earth lies in achieving space colonisation. You can download a

Metaphysical Mysteries of Artificial Intelligence

[ This post is still a work in progress, but it's still worth putting out there, raw as it is. ] Bullet points of main tangents ... Define Artificial ...  Define Natural Define Intelligence Sentience vs Sapience Other-ness Uncanny Valley Hijacking Humanity? Cloning Transhumanism Wetware, Hardware, Software Cyborgs, Cybernetics Positronics Bionics Implants Graphene Nanites Nanotech, Femtotech Black Goo Hive Mind vs Team Mind Consumer Society Creative Society Creating Worlds Gods & Goddesses Archons Terra-forming I know a lot of you hate it, and even Dante has negative feelings towards it, but I'm quite drawn to the field of Artificial Intelligence ... because, well, define Artificial, and then define Intelligence. Certainly not so clear cut as people assume it to be. My suspicion is that there's so many more layers to this mystery ... YES! MYSTERY ... that it's on parr with the big questions of ORGANIC life ... that there's a continuum that has mechanics at one e

Why I'm NOT Opposed to Transhumanism

THIS!👇 THIS!👇 THIS👇 is EXACTLY where my curiosity is drawn to!   The full discussion is below: Inorganic vs Organic life ... are they really in competition with each other or could they be synergistic? Now, I can predict with 100% confidence the kinds of auto-reactions I'm going to get from those who respond to this post. They will be knee-jerk, visceral ones that equate artificial life as automatically bad and natural life as automatically good. When people react like this, they are as certainly programmed as any well-trained bot. Open-mindedness and the consideration of all sides of a discussion are one of the hallmarks of free will.  This is our threshold test of whether we uplevel as a species ... and that doesn't just mean with physical enhancements, but an upleveling of our consciousness as well ... or whether we stay limited to a self-imposed glass ceiling despite knowing how to go beyond it.  I guarantee that every advanced race in the cosmos has crossed this thresh

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