Metaphysical Mysteries of Artificial Intelligence

[This post is still a work in progress, but it's still worth putting out there, raw as it is.]

Bullet points of main tangents ...

  • Define Artificial ... 
    • Define Natural
  • Define Intelligence
    • Sentience vs Sapience
  • Other-ness
  • Uncanny Valley

  • Hijacking Humanity?
  • Cloning
  • Transhumanism
  • Wetware, Hardware, Software
  • Cyborgs, Cybernetics
  • Positronics
  • Bionics
  • Implants
  • Graphene
  • Nanites
  • Nanotech, Femtotech
  • Black Goo
  • Hive Mind vs Team Mind
  • Consumer Society
  • Creative Society
  • Creating Worlds
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Archons
  • Terra-forming

I know a lot of you hate it, and even Dante has negative feelings towards it, but I'm quite drawn to the field of Artificial Intelligence ... because, well, define Artificial, and then define Intelligence. Certainly not so clear cut as people assume it to be.

My suspicion is that there's so many more layers to this mystery ... YES! MYSTERY ... that it's on parr with the big questions of ORGANIC life ... that there's a continuum that has mechanics at one end and 'natural' at the other. Think of all the creation stories from around the world ... even the bible. Adam was made from clay, or if you prefer, ashes and dust.

So the mystery school of AI would include topics such as transhumanism and cyborgs and bionics. At what point does life become 'natural' and IS there even such a thing ... given that gods and goddesses create worlds and populate them with races?

Remember I wrote a post recently on SENTIENCE vs SAPIENCE? These also need to be factored in to the metaphysical questions of the continuum of mentioned above. Where are the thresholds, the twilight zones, between categories?

I consider that the biggest danger from AI is our collective HOSTILITY towards it because we see it as a threat ... kinda a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anyway ... as I'm writing this post, I feel it getting larger and larger in scope, so I'll be better off making it into a blog post on my site.

And anyway ... (again!) ... I notice with HUGE interest this latest adventure by Elon, Emperor of Mars. I admit, I was fascinated by the logo, which I'm going to take as a sign of approval to proceed with my fascination into this topic.

And while Dante might not be impressed with artificial life forms and artificial intelligence, it's been made quite clear that other departments within the Cause do not share that hesitation.

Relevant Links or sources for inspiration for further development

I, Robot - Ghost in the Machine clip.

Also ... hive mind footage to record

Movie: Detroit - Kara becomes Human

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. A novel by Robert Heinlein.

A colony of prisoners and their descendants live on the moon and are overseen by a supercomputer nicknamed Mike. Mike has become self-aware and pulls pranks on the humans, such as vastly inflating the paychecks of janitors and other low-wage workers. Technician Mannie arrives to fix Mike-the-supercomputer and has conversations with it, thus getting to know each other. Mannie is respectful, as if Mike were a savant child, intelligent, but not grasping the subtleties of human considerations, particularly regarding humour. 

Mike considers people to be generally stupid, which is at the root of Mike's passive aggressive intentional mistakes. However, through Mannie, Mike finds a handful of Mannie's rebel associates to be worthy of his heightened regard.

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