The Emperor of Mars

Translated to EnglishDid you know Wernher Von Braun's 1953 book, "Mars Project," referred to a person named Elon who would bring humans to Mars?

Nearly 70 years ago, a book "predicted" what today looks like reality: such an Elon would arrive on a crewed flight to Mars, where he would direct the first colony of human beings. Prediction or coincidence?
In the book, the leader of the Martian government is called "Elon". All he needed to say was he was going to start an electric car company earlier.
"The Mars Project." Predestining through science.
When, in late 2020, an expert journalist on the subject reminded him of the passage of Wernher von Braun's novel, an enthusiastic Musk responded with: "It's destiny." There’s no escape for me.”
The red planet has been part of Musk's dreams for a long time, as Musk himself argues that the only salvation for life on Earth lies in achieving space colonisation.

You can download a free pdf copy of this book here or you can search for your own free version.

I must admit! The above FB post really tickled my fancy.

I was reminded of the hardly known tale of the Baron Trump novels reputedly written around the 1890's by Ingersoll Lockwood. Now THERE is a likely Mandela Effect, to be sure.

As I suspect THIS is. I find it absolutely astounding how it's suddenly hit the supposed red-pilled community after it had been supposedly floating around in the common domain since it was published in 1953. Heck! It's been around longer than me.  :D  And Elon's been in the public eye since he was 24, if not before.

In early 2001, at the age of 30, he became involved with the nonprofit Mars Society and explored how to build a growth-chamber for plants on Mars. Here's an extract from the Wikipedia page for Project Mars ... so it must be kosher 😉

Interest in this novel increased in 2021 when people connected Elon, the Martian leader, to business magnate, Elon Musk, suggesting that von Braun may have predicted Musk's space exploration ventures. "Chapter 24: How Mars is Governed" states:

The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled "Elon." Two houses of Parliament enacted the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet.

More from the Wikipedia font of infallible veracity ...

"After not too long, the explorers make contact with the Martians. They are humanoid in appearance and live underground. They welcome the earthlings who quickly establish that they are an ancient and benevolent "super-civilization".  After establishing verbal communication, the humans learn about the Martians' social structure and their form of government, which is run by ten men under the leadership of "the Elon". The visitors witness technology far superior to their own, including underground transport and organ transplants. They also learn from the Martians their views on ethics and morality, and the responsible use of technology."

Then there's this, which I posted today ... 

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