Why I'm NOT Opposed to Transhumanism

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Inorganic vs Organic life ... are they really in competition with each other or could they be synergistic?

Now, I can predict with 100% confidence the kinds of auto-reactions I'm going to get from those who respond to this post. They will be knee-jerk, visceral ones that equate artificial life as automatically bad and natural life as automatically good.

When people react like this, they are as certainly programmed as any well-trained bot. Open-mindedness and the consideration of all sides of a discussion are one of the hallmarks of free will. 

This is our threshold test of whether we uplevel as a species ... and that doesn't just mean with physical enhancements, but an upleveling of our consciousness as well ... or whether we stay limited to a self-imposed glass ceiling despite knowing how to go beyond it. 

I guarantee that every advanced race in the cosmos has crossed this threshold. Now it's our turn. 

Putting your head in the sand about it and refusing to educate yourself in all the nuances means choosing ignore-ance. Because change is coming, like it or not.

Now the main argument against transhumanism, seems to be the loss of humanity, of heart, of caring, of SOUL. 

I disagree. 

It's certainly a possibility, yes. But not an inevitable one. Like now, in our (supposedly) 'natural' bodies, there are psychopaths among us who are just as 'human' as empaths and nurturers. It will be no different when there are enhanced bodies.

Resistance to transhumanism also betrays one's uncertainty about your true identity. WHO ARE YOU? You are NOT your body.

How many spiritual teachings explain that your body is the vehicle of your Soul? And Soul chooses which type of incarnation it desires or requires ... as in the case of disabilities, or enhanced abilities.

Another argument against transhumanism is that we are displaying the hubris to play god.

Well, define 'god'. Yes, there are many definitions. And many 'layers' of gods. The error is to automatically assume that there is only a prime creator who uses that term. That's like saying that the head of a corporation (or a kingdom) carries out all the organising functions.

If we are like gods, then yes. We are following in the footsteps of those, like the Anunnaki, the Æsir, the Olympians, and countless other technologically advanced visitors to this planet, who have terraformed it to support the development and evolution of sapient humanoid life, that is, us humans. 

In this Spiritual War between Creators and Destroyers, Transhumanistic Technology is not only used by Destroyers (aka Demons).

Don't make the mistake of thinking transhumanism is a new phenomena. The only thing new about it is that we have learned about it and have acquired the technological skills and knowledge to do it ourselves. 

We were made to LIVE and to EXPERIENCE and to THRIVE and to EXPAND. And if that means an occasional crash and burn for a group, a race, a planet ... well, I can't speak for you, but for me, when I'm on the other side looking back, I'll be the one saying, "Whoo! What a ride THAT was! What did we learn from that?"

And if that makes me a psycho/sociopath, then I'll own it.

Too bad I'm almost at my current lifetime's use-by date, 'cos if I had the relevant resources, this is so much the area that I'd build a career in ... probably as an ethicist or an educator or as a policy maker or as an assessor.

Hanging out with gods! Yeah!!!! 😃

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