Azazael and Ana: A Tale of (Probable) Fiction

I found this evocative image here

Blurb to the image: This is a scene from the side book, "The Time before time," where Azazael before he becomes Azazel goes on a mad rampart of revenge and attack all who have peeved him off. When Heaven opens up and knock him flat on his behind. She steps through and kiss him to soothe his insurmountable rage.

Oooh! This sounds potentially juicy (!) and interesting when I stumbled across this image entirely by accident, in pursuit of other Azazael-based research. Yeah, I have a lot of coincidences happening like this for me. 😏

So, naturally, I hopped, skipped, and jumped across various links and hints to finally find where this author, A White, has her writings live. Almost all are from around 2016, and I haven't been able to find anything more recent.  She also changed the title of her work since then, so I'm not certain where the image and blurb I found fits in with her finished products. 

To check it out for yourself, click on each image to go the the relevant Amazon page.

Note, at the time of posting, I haven't read these books, so I can't currently give my personal endorsement. However, I have just now purchased them and will no doubt share my insights in due course. I've had a quick look through, and the formatting has some issues, but that doesn't bother me. I know only too well how glitchy that can be from a writer's perspective. And frankly, I'm here for the tale, but I know that it would bother some editor pedants who might read these books.

Which is all to say that you'll need to go on your own inner guidance on whether to purchase these or not. I have no financial interest in your decision. 

I believe this tale comes AFTER Unholy Pursuit.

A video mood-board of images collated by the author, Alma White.

The blurb below is from this link:

The tough talking, rough riding, butt kicking (only if it’s justified) duo is on the move again. The tough but loving, straight shooter, gun-toting mom named Ana Bufaye is on the move again after another harrowing brush with death. She truly didn’t believe she would make it out of the last jam.

It’s the year of 2491 and the rise of the New World Order is beginning. A new system of things is being installed but being as stubborn and strong willed as she is, Ana BuFaye refuses to comply. Refuses to bend to anyone’s will. But she knows the enemies are close behind. They are following like greedy vultures circling an animal dying in the desert’s heat. So far, she has managed to out maneuver them with a little help from up above. Her absolute grim determination to live and not to leave her seven year old daughter Bea at the mercy of her numerous enemies is what has kept her going.

As they approach a new town, exhaustion and fear are getting the better of them. She knows they must to stop, but she doesn’t want to. Stopping always put them in further danger. But they have to eat and rest. Her health is still fragile from the last demonic attack. Just as a shark must keep swimming through waters to live, they must keep moving to survive or they will be captured by her archenemy, Nikola, who takes pleasure in his many ways to torture and kill. The Grand Warlock is the true human ruler of the world, all else is a facade, and she has peeved him off by not accepting his offer to stand by his side. Anyone encountering him knows it is never wise to upset Nikola. She has injured and insulted him so in his diabolical eyes she must pay. The execution in store for her is gruesome in the most horrible way. Being once like her, he is now her opposite and knows her every instinctive move which makes him a deadlier enemy.

By now, she knows she is a pawn in a celestial war that started long before the creation of the earth. Being a timewalker (which isn’t exactly the same as a time traveler),she has seen much before earth’s existence. This ability is invaluable to Nikola’s cause in search of lost ancient Pre-Noahian texts. Ana isn’t interested in either side, good nor evil. She wishes they both would leave her in peace. But what she finds in Jasper is familiar but far more fearsome than Nikola, his followers, or even Lucifer himself. Jasper is the start of her encounter with the Immortals, which is never a good thing. They are an egotistical group of supernatural beings who suffers from superiority complex when it comes to dealing with humans. Perhaps we encouraged it for we once called them our gods and goddesses.


The ideas of the book came from classic literature such as those whose work greatly influence the world: Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and many more. The "Book of Enoch" influenced the usage of Azazel or Azazael as a main character and love interest. I created the primary main character from the Chronicle of Saints. I wanted to show them as real flesh and blood people with thoughts, desires and yearning as any human. Not as they are so often depicted. So I created a saint of my own to show her as a real human that everyone can relate to.

Below, is another video from her channel that's a trailer, kinda sorta. It's either intentionally twisted, or very poorly edited. I'm leaning towards the first option. Nonetheless, it's intriguing ... to me, anyway!

From the author's Amazon page
My (somewhat long-winded)Wrap-up

I'm quite surprised to have found as much information as I did to fill this post. Sometimes I go on a research rampage. Most of the time it's when I'm on the hunt for something. Other times, the research just finds me ... like it's demanding attention to come out of the shadows.

So, the main female character's name is Ana: as in ...

- Ana ... Dante's wife, Anna Shafajinskaia ... Ishtar incarnate.
- Ana BuFay ... as above, but name extended Shafajinskaia-Bugrimova.
- Ana ... Anastasia (? I haven't read the book to be 100% certain) ... as in Anastasia Steele (50 Shades, an endorsed tale of redemption hidden under an elegant layer of erotica)
- Ana ... Anastasia ... meaning resurrection, renewal.

Now, it's no secret that I regard truth to be more easily embedded into fiction than into any non-fiction work. Fiction, whether as books or movies or performance art, is able to get past all intellectual defences that non-fiction would encounter. We relax and open ourselves to enter the story being woven for us. Gems of truth can be easily dropped into our subconscious, for rumination and germination that fertilise our own ideas and actions. Note that this is as true for malevolent intentions as it is for benevolent ones.

It's also no secret that Romance is a powerful alchemical force that impacts on each Soul, again, both positively and negatively. It's no surprise that it's been trivialised as a female frivolity and make-believe, which men (generally) refuse to be contaminated by, at least in the story-telling realm. However, recall the origin of Chivalry, which in mainstream academia, is focused on Troubadours of the 11th and 12th centuries, which emerged from Gnostic beliefs and traditions, through the devotion to the feminine ideal of the Goddess (aka Mary, Mother of God), and to a lesser extent, Ishtar (aka Mary Magdalene). This was also the time of the recorded public emergence of the Templars. Love was (and still is, and forever will be) utterly central to the motivation of the Forces of Goodness, Creation, and Life.

So for you guys out there who might hesitate to read these works 'cos they're not Die Hard enough for you, don't be such pansies! Love, in the form of protecting  what's precious and valuable, is as much a motivator for y'all, as is honour and glory. Which, truth be told, spring out of this protective drive. Love drives men to courage. Interesting word ... COURAGE. It has HEART as its root. Well, the French version ... Cœur.

I also found this comment about Azazael vs Azazel on her meandered writings as she communicates with her audience on assorted platforms (this one was on Inkshare - make sure to click on the tabs to go down various silos). It's certainly something I've wondered about. Perhaps it's correct, or partially correct, or even totally incorrect, but it's food for thought, regardless.
I thought I would address the question since it’s been asked twice; why is there a differences in the spelling of Azazael’s name.

Azazael - According to ancient texts this is his heavenly name when he was a heavenly prince and later became a king.

Azazel - The most commonly known spelling of the name is the name he was given after he fell from grace and later became a demon. 

So, is this author "in the know"? Personally, I suspect not. Just as EL James probably wasn't either. However, that's not to say that they weren't (cough cough) inspired by metaphysical and/or technological influences. Muses are real, just as they were in mythic times.

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