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The Graffiti of Addaura

This is a curation on some curious petroglyphs found near Palermo, Sicily, in 1943. This rock art is dated by experts from 21,000BC to 19,000BC. It is no longer open to the public. Click image to go to high-res version From Wikipedia Entry  It was after the 1943  Allied invasion of Sicily  and their arrival in Palermo that the Allies, in search of a suitable site, decided to use the grottoes for storing munitions and explosives. The accidental explosion of the arsenal at the end of the war brought about the crumbling of the main grotto walls and the collapse of a rock wall, bringing to light the graffiti covered with the patina of time. The graffiti were carefully studied by the archaeologist  Jole Bovio Marconi , whose studies were published in 1953. [2] Since 1997 the Addaura grottoes are no longer open for visitors; the site was closed because of the danger of falling boulders, due to the instability of the rocky ridge above. As of 2012, the necessary measures to reinforce the ridge

My Fundamental Postulates 101

  1. Remember your true identity as Soul.  2. Your intention, as Soul, is to learn to EXPAND and SOAR.  3. Your external reality construct is irrelevant to your primary identity. 4. Have fun in whatever external reality construct you choose to play in.  Okay ... let's unpack these a little bit more. And no ... you don't have to agree with me, but I'm just letting you know now that this is where all my spoutings connect back to. 1. Remember your true identity as Soul. You are NOT your body or the identity you carry in this lifetime.  You are not your name, you are not your nationality or your race.  You are not the roles that you wear that define you in this lifetime, ie ... brother, father, son, friend, soldier, whatever. Reincarnation is a given. But ... not only as a human, or on this planet. You can choose to be anywhere and anything in all the galaxies. However, there are dynamics that guide your options. More on that another time. Immortality is a given. For Soul. Not

My Fundamental Postulates 102

1. One individual's Reality is not necessarily the same as another individual's Reality. 2. Reality is determined by Filters of Perception. 3. The quality of your life holds the evidence of your Perceptions 4. These Filters of Perception can be recognised and controlled by you.

Andrej Kaminsky from The Grim

Current role as a Russian Bratva Boss offering advisory and motivational tips, Andrej Kaminksy is an actor of German-Russian heritage. His father was German and his mother was Russian. Andrej, or Andrychka, is given credit as one of the founders of The Grim.  Being an actor does not disqualify him from such a move. Indeed, the Allies of Humanity often utilise actors and other entertainment celebrities to reach their message into the populace Our protagonist Andrycha a.k.a. Ded Drycha is speaking on behalf of those behind THE GRIM ( ) who will remain anonymous. THE GRIM is a global network of successful entrepreneurs, programmers, athletes, creatives, lawyers and doctors. It is invite-only, Andrej is one of the founders.  Life is Grim, be honorable. The VPN we trust: GRIM has two missions: empower men and women to become independent, free and connected in decent valu

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