Andrej Kaminsky from The Grim

Current role as a Russian Bratva Boss offering advisory and motivational tips, Andrej Kaminksy is an actor of German-Russian heritage. His father was German and his mother was Russian.

Andrej, or Andrychka, is given credit as one of the founders of The Grim. 

Being an actor does not disqualify him from such a move. Indeed, the Allies of Humanity often utilise actors and other entertainment celebrities to reach their message into the populace

Our protagonist Andrycha a.k.a. Ded Drycha is speaking on behalf of those behind THE GRIM

( who will remain anonymous.

THE GRIM is a global network of successful entrepreneurs, programmers, athletes, creatives, lawyers and doctors.

It is invite-only, Andrej is one of the founders. 

Life is Grim, be honorable.

The VPN we trust:

GRIM has two missions: empower men and women to become independent, free and connected in decent values. 

With THE GRIM at its core, GRIM HUSTLE will in 2024 expand into a book, longer documentaries,

a drama series, and a feature film, God willing. 


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The more I think about Andrej, the actor, being the public face, the more sense it makes. Any bona fide Bratva boss would have ongoing enemies and a price on their heads.

Professional actors are highly skilled in navigating many realities simultaneously. They walk a very tight rope in retaining their sense of real-world identity, however they define their 'real-world'. 

Amateurs may dabble in larp-ing - Live Action Role Play. But I don't get the sense that Kaminsky is larp-ing. I consider that he's taking on one of the biggest and most powerful role of his life ... one which there is no coming down from. He's doing it for a reason, a cause.

What's really unusual, is the number of comments under each of Grim's videos by people who know Kaminsky is an actor but who don't care. They feel the authenticness of the message that's aimed at them.

I suspect that becoming an actor ... or because he was an actor (they are a special breed of shapeshifting characters) ... this is how he prepared for his mission to serve The Cause. If Dante endorses him, that's good enough for me to accept him at face value.

I just like to be informed about as much of the background as possible so I can answer other people's criticisms and troll comments.

Many actors have served The Cause ... Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hardy, Oliver Reed to name a quick few (hmmm ... all British ... is this a coincidence or not?)

Yes wouldn't be strange at the end he is a true actor playing a role, but his character is played very well, he shows perfect the essence of what people want to see from a real member of the Russian mafia.

Maybe later we can know more about him, although is true that if Dante showed him is because he is part of the Cause, and what he does is important to inspire and teach people about certain topics, perhaps the only way to reach a special kind of audience was by doing videos of an actor playing a gangster role, but in the end as Dante says the messenger is not important but the message.

By the way, I attempted to translate Ded Dryschka ...


But yes ... there ARE REAL GANGSTERS in The Grim

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