Stargates & Portals Mischief

This is a curation of various information where I gather about Stargates as I stumble across them. 

Right off the mark, let's look at the doctored photos that keep cropping up on social media and in uninformed youtube videos that feature a Lovecraftian type sculpture set in a historical archaeological dig context.

There is a widely circulating set of photos, like the one below, that  were created by Andrea Bonazzi, a Genoa-based multi-media creator who uses these photos as contexts for his sculptures. You can find more about his work on his Facebook page.

If you see anyone perpetuating these photos as 'evidence' of historical stargates, please correct them. Navigating the truth is tricky enough without having to deal with intentional misdirections. 

a creative rendition

original photo

In response to my exposure on FB, trusted colleague, KD, wrote:  "The one's I've SEEN are invisible to the 3D Eye. But if you take a picture it will show up as a Dark Hole Basketball size. Seen 4 in 3D. Then you have the ones you simply walk into that are invisible but match a vibration and then you will hear a POP or could hear strong vibration surrounding your body."

You'll also see images such as this one  ... 

... please, please, PLEASE learn to use reverse image search. It will help you to be more discerning so that you don't become part of the disinformation supply chain.

BTW ... MISinformation is often unintentional. DISinformation is VERY intentional.

So, you passing on the fake image is MISinformation. The dude who created the fake image was on a mission of DISinformation for the purpose of wasting your time and energy in sending you down a false path.

Learn to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Tone-generated portals by "FunkyFatHead" - Hoax ... or not?

But the guy seems to have gone missing ...

More will be tossed in to this post as I come across snippets of info. Stay tuned.

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