More is Good

Okay ... I'm done! 

I'm done with focusing on those who share this planet with me in current time, claim to be 'higher frequency' but who don't hold the vision of our greatness.

I'm done with those who see only the worst of humanity and then paint the WHOLE of humanity with the same brush. 

For example ... castigating humanity for its apparent selfishness and defining it as greed and rapaciousness, leading to ruthless competitiveness. So wouldn't it be best for our species if we just got rid of selfishness? Wouldn't it be just *fabulous* [snark] if, for example, all car manufacturers would just get together to design one amazing vehicle that would last for almost-ever so that we wouldn't have so much waste and debt, etc, etc?

While sounding logically righteous, there are a number of false assumptions that discussions like this rest on. 

The main one, as I see it, is that we've been programmed to belief that our desire for more is bad by calling this greed.

It isn't. Is nature greedy for spreading itself into every available opportunity? No. It's an innate force ... a force of life.

I'm done with those who attempt to make people suppress their energy for life.

Those who focus on humanity being bad or cancerous do our spiritual growth a huge disservice. 

Consumerism and competitiveness are shadow expressions of our creative-ness, which IS our god-power. 

Greed is a programmed shadow expression of our delight at the novelty and beauty of life. Bright shiny objects? Hell yeah! 

We are (endlessly) being programmed to be homogenised, to accept one-size-fits-all solutions.

We talk about loosh harvesting, which is generally well understood. 

What is NOT well understood and rarely articulated is the LIFE FORCE harvesting ... our JOY OF LIFE harvesting. That is like fertilising and watering the Garden of Life. As Balem Abrasax astutely said, in the movie, Jupiter Ascending ... 

So ... if life is an act of consumption ... which I agree with wholeheartedly ... then you get to choose who or what you feed. Exactly like those two wolves metaphorically inside you.

Making humanity feel bad or guilty for wanting MORE, to BE more. I see these innate drives as etheric wings that want to stretch and fly and explore limits of capabilities and possibilities. But we are told of the tale of Icarus and other hubrises in order to clip our wings and confine us to our cages, pretty or otherwise. 

Its clear to me that WE, the so-called *enlightened* ones, are are being tugged in two directions. It is US who are being pitted against each other because we are the leading edge of the next unfolding.

We either support the fullest expression of co-creation and partnership with Life and the Prime Creator, or we seek to contain, tame, and maybe even annihilate this pesky, messy, chaotic force that we were designed with, that wreaks havoc upon the best laid plans of the overlords.

We either cultivate and nourish the flame of genius within each other or we extinguish it.

I'm done with shaking my head at the 'Black Sun' devotees who position themselves as spiritual leaders, and who use shame and guilt to guide people to inhibit their own life force. It is precisely this that corrupts our hearts' joy and delight with life and skews our attention towards greed and competitiveness that these dark 'lights' profess to rail against.

Fuck it. Fuck them! Fuck the guilt! Fuck the shame!

I'm just going to shine my own golden, sparkly light even stronger and encourage others to do the same.

Let's BE more!. Let's DO more!

SongSpell: More by Sisters of Mercy

Now tell me that the lead singer, Andrew Eldritch [what a great name, eh?], doesn't look like Tom Hiddleston as Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive! 😉😃

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