Choosing from among the "good guys"

There is ONE group of Aliens who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us.
THIS is the group who I support without hesitation.

I've been around the UFO scene for a goodly number of years, and while I've not doubted their existence, I do admit to taking reports of interactions with aliens with a solid pinch of salt. 

Especially the channeled ones. 'Cos you just never know who is really on the other end of that connection. 

I have never resonated or connected viscerally with those who claim to know about Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians or Lyrans, or any of the other 'benevolent' races that visit here.

You see, I require my faith to be grounded in personal experience and logic. I've never knowingly had a close encounter or interaction with off-world beings. 

Now don't think I'm being space-racist here. I lear off (so-called) human gurus also. Sai Baba, Osho, or who is the current favourite? ... oh yes, Sadhguru.

Galactic Federation? 

(Do you think Star Wars is pure fiction? Dune? Think again.)

Where is the evidence that they have worked alongside humanity, to have assisted us? Guided us? Protected and defended us?

They are talkers, full of mystic ideals that don't really provide anything actionable. It's all about pacifying, soothing anguished souls

There is only so much personal development one can do as we watch the aggressors tighten the controls around our world.

And while positive thoughts help, sometimes a little action is what's needed.

Personally, I'm willing to put my lot in with those who help us, shoulder to shoulder. The Karistus are akin to the Knights Templar. More than people realise, in fact. 

The spiritual development of a race feels to be made much harder in oppressive conditions, but this is actually when it can make progress in leaps and bounds.

Refine your thoughts
Control your emotions
Allow power to move through you.

In the temporary absence of a quest, power yourself up as if you had one. What is nagging you to improve upon? Health? Skills? Knowledge? Don't delay.

If you have a sense of quest, begin it. Learn as you go. Be prepared to stumble and disappoint yourself. Use these as motivations to keep going. These are a test of your commitment, and if you allow them to discourage you, you are a piss-poor ally and a likely traitor to The Cause.

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