Zhanna of the Anunnaki

I don't know by what last name she goes by, but Zhanna of the Anunakene is part of the AllatRa organisation.

Dante has repeatedly advised that not all reptilians are bad. 

Saying Anunakene are evil is like saying Europeans are evil. Like all such sweeping statements, they are meaningless out of context. 

There are multiple players with multiple agendas with multiple engagements. Sure, some Terran folk will be disadvantaged or end up as collateral damage as a result of Anunakene interactions, but most will find their lives hardly affected, or even enhanced after a period of adjustment.

White privilege? Anunakene privilege?

It all depends on the attitude and agenda of the narrator.

In the video below, you can watch Zhanna do her blink on request in HD.

Igor also asks her to answer the question: 

"Are there many of you here on planet Earth?"

Zhanna answers: 

"Yes. More than you'd wish, but far fewer than you'd hope for."

Meaning that even having extraterrestrial presence on our planet, it won't mean that they can or will save humanity. 

Reinforcing ... we have to do it ourselves. We cannot be permanently immature among our kin.

And yes, Zhanna is a beautiful woman. But then again, she is a shapeshifter, so why wouldn't she choose to be a beautiful woman?

BTW, many in the AllatRa movement are beautiful. All the women have long hair just like the Vril women.

To some, Zhanna could have echoes of Anna's vibe from the V series.
Be careful with your logic though ... similarities do not imply sameness.
The game of predator and prey is full of deceptions and games.

Zhanna has her own social media account on TikTok.

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