How you can serve The Cause even if you haven't been invited to.

This will be a bit of an all-over-the-place writing because there are no clear boundaries between the aspects that I'll be writing about. "Kaleidoscopic" is my favourite term to describe life and my journey within it.

And it's a given that I'll keep fiddling with it. As I re-read it, I'll find more gaps I shoulda filled in, discover where I haven't made myself very clear, and roll my eyes at the number of typos that have snuck in.

Dante's videos stir up a lot of people in a positive way, often leaving them with a free-floating desire or yearning to help. But D is a militarist. He is a warrior. 

Many times I find myself surrounded only by what I call ... "brutes and flowers".

Meaning ...

some just want to KILL and others just want to FEEL.

The THINKING WARRIOR is preferable. 

But to become one ... takes TIME and WORK.

A lot of it ...

Dante (source video unknown) 

So ... not everyone who wants to help The Cause, or who writes to him asking to be considered for a mission ... will be accepted or even be suitable in their current state of life. In fact, it's a rare individual who succeeds in being selected.

However, that doesn't mean you can't serve The Cause. It just means you won't be doing it under his command or control. You are given the precious freedom to choose your own way.

This, in itself, is a test. Do you make it a habit to look for someone else to lead you, to guide you? If yes, does this give you a hint about your maturity level ... soul-wise?

Something to contemplate right there, yes? 

Moving on ...

Now, in ANY war, there will be those outside the military - civilians - who wish to help secure a victory for their side. In THIS war, which is essentially a SPIRITUAL WAR, the prize is YOU. Or in other words, your LIFE FORCE, your SOUL, your ESSENCE.

One enemy seeks to exploit it, another enemy seeks to destroy it.

The Cause aims to protect it, collectively and individually. From those who are determined to exploit or destroy it.

This immediately indicates that the MOST BASIC WAY you can SERVE THE CAUSE is to take responsibility for the integrity of your own LIFE FORCE, SOUL, and/or ESSENCE.

Regardless of how you have acted in the past, every moment is an opportunity for a new direction, a fresh start. 

Oh, by the way, being loyal to Azazael is not a requirement to serve The Cause. I know many good people who serve The Goddess directly, and others who prefer to serve Dhor Kyristyl or Gabraiel.

So The Lady Odin's first recommendation for serving The Cause is ...

1. Always act in ways that allow you to HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH, regardless of the law of the land.  

Our society approves of a lot of things that go against the integrity of our Soul. There are many social and cultural influences that encourage your self-interest to the detriment of others. This is an enemy strategy. If you buy into it, you are working AGAINST The Cause.

It won't be easy to change the momentum of your past attitudes. You'll be changing your thinking and responding habits. And, generally speaking, changing habits ain't easy. 

I'll give you a tried and tested life-changing big insider secret to help you. Do NOT underestimate the power of this to transform your life.

Where you hurt is a major clue for where you need to do the work.

Pain has a purpose. Use it as a navigation compass to guide you to your issues, your baggage, your mess that need to be dealt with. 

After refining your code of ethics and morality, and upgrading your sense of honour, get your life in order.

The Lady Odin's second recommendation for serving The Cause is ...

2. Deal with your pain points!

Pain and woundedness are distractions. They suck your energy away from what could be better used constructively. It doesn't matter if we're talking about emotional pain or physical pain. Pain is just a message to draw attention to where your wholeness has been breached. The message of pain is "Deal with the breach." 

If the pain is acute, it's urgent. If the pain is dull and you've learned to live with it ... it's chronic but no less damaging. It still needs attending to.

Which leads me to the next point ... there are

3 stages of up-levelling

1. From broken to 'normal'

2. From normal to purposeful

3. From purposeful to leaderful

Let me elaborate.

Pain occurs at all levels. You could even think of them as growing pains.

The first stage of up-levelling is by far the most common. The most normal, if you will. This is the stage we see around us in society. This is the level of emergency, rehab and treatment centres of all kinds. This is the level where most governments and charities focus their expenditure on. This is the level with the most workers. 

For me, this is the most boring level. Why? Because getting people from broken to normal isn't that fulfilling. Why? Because normal is often still unhappy. 

Let me ask you ... how many happy, thrilled, delighted-with-life, people do you actually KNOW? I'd venture to guess that it's very, very, very few. Most people ... aka most NORMAL people ... are unhappy, unfulfilled.

Quite frankly, being normal is over-rated. Hugely overrated!

However ... it's a decent enough platform from which to go to the next level ... from normal to purposeful.

Yes, yes, there will be overlaps where some parts of your life are inspired and other parts of your life are in pain. That's the gloriously messy part of life.

BTW ... if you're a guy, you're in a better position than the women to deal with this. Guys can compartmentalise their life areas much better than women. You can still be effective and brilliant at work even as your love life is going to shit. Women can't do this. Their emotional state floods ALL areas of their life. 

So, what I'm saying is that it's easier for a guy to move up the stages without having to clean up ALL areas of his life. This is much, much, much harder for a woman. Almost to the point of being impossible. 

A woman has to feel good about herself in order to be successful.

A man has to be successful in order to feel good about himself.

Take it how you will ... it's not up for debate.

Now, back to purpose ... 

As a free agent, as someone who has not been pulled into the inner circles of The Cause and been assigned a mission, your purpose will be the vehicle through which you serve The Cause.

To onlookers, it might appear that I, The Lady Odin, am living my purpose. Yes. Yes I am. 

To myself, I think ... finally! Finally, I'm spreading my wings and feeling the surge of joy and power as I do my stuff in ways I deem appropriate/relevant/necessary to serve The Cause.

I'm a slow learner, though. It only took me a few decades to get here. And I'm still at the early end of this adventure that I expect will continue once I leave this physicality behind me.

Now if you're cleverly reading between the lines of my last paragraph, you'll suspect that I've had my purpose training-wheels on for those few decades. Yes. Yes I have.

And that's what it will most likely feel like for you when you start using purpose as your guideposts for the decisions in your life.

Pick up any book on purpose, or enrol with any life-purpose coach, and you'll get some version of do what you love and the money will follow. After all, you want to make a good living with your passion, right? Isn't that what everyone's dream is?

Except ... go back to what I wrote above about being normal vs being happy. 

But I was caught in that paradigm, and got trapped there, with no obvious way out. In hindsight, I can now attribute my stuckness due to not seeing the bigger picture that Dante revealed in his videos. 

I have never been materialistic. I have never been motivated by the money or what money could buy. Yet that's the benchmark in the purpose-industry.  It is incomprehensible to them that someone could resist that motivation.

The Lady Odin's third recommendation for serving The Cause is ...

3. Don't make it about the money ... or the fame (or notoriety for that matter)

In fact, here's a caveat ...

3a. Don't think about your purpose as a human




So don't be motivated by human reasons.

Fame, numbers ... or ETERNITY!

And it is THIS ceiling that will up-level you to the third stage ... from purposeful to leaderful. This is when you will spread your wings to soar with power and joy.

[A note about my use of the word power ... I use it in the context of wattage ... how much energy I can hold ... how brightly I can shine.]

"I think I know what my purpose is but I'm not sure."

Now, if you only have an inkling of what your purpose is ... start there. Really. I mean it. Don't not do it because you sense a deeper/greater/higher purpose waiting to be revealed. 

Are you familiar with the analogy of driving into the night? How the headlights only show the road ahead by so far, and no more. And how to keep revealing the road ahead, you have to keep moving ahead.

Well, your purpose is like that. The more you do what you CAN do, what you feel INSPIRED to do, right now ... the more new opportunities open up, the more connections are made, the more new horizons appear.

"But what if I don't know my purpose?"

The Lady Odin's fourth recommendation for serving The Cause is ...

4. In the absence of a purpose, be a good, kind, and decent person to those you deal with on a daily basis.

Use this if you truly have no idea, or you are in between ideas of what your purpose it (because you WILL fluctuate with clarity).

Being a good, kind, and decent person is very powerful in and of itself, even without any further action or intention on your part. Never underestimate the influence that a good, kind, and decent person has upon those who encounter them, either fleetingly or regularly.

It is more of a state of BEING, rather than DOING.  Your DOING's while you are in such a state of BEING, even though they be mundane and everyday, are blessed by a state of Grace. And that Grace emanates into the that space between yourself and others, lifting the energy around you. 

It is a collection of these kinds of people that Angels were seeking when Abraham negotiated with God to spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah from being annihilated. But they failed, because there weren't even a small number of them. So, give the Karistus hope that humanity is worth it.

Is one path more noble than another?

Not everyone's path has the same priorities. You cannot expect Warriors to have the same guidelines and lessons as Merchants. Rulers and leaders have additional responsibilities not carried by service providers.

Your Dharma path is no better or worse than any other, spiritually speaking. They all have nuanced lessons relevant to that particular path.

I've made some images with some of the duties/responsibilities/lessons listed off the top of my head. Neither the groupings nor the listings are comprehensive or complete, but they're a starting point for discussion and development.

The moral of this section is ... whatever you choose, strive to be honourable and excellent at it.

Your Dharmic path may be one you've fallen into by circumstance, or by intention. It doesn't really matter.


Your life is your biggest work of art. And it's not a paint-by-numbers process. 

It's messy. 

There will be umpteen revisions. 

You'll go back to the drawing board time and again. 

You'll collect inspirations along the way and 'borrow' a bit here and there, while adding your own flair. 

It's never finished ... there will always be something more to add or tweak. 

Preparing to be of Service to The Cause

  • Align with aims of The Cause. Be worthy of their warriors' sacrifices.
  • Attend to your physical and emotional wholeness and strength. Increase your wattage capacity.
  • Prepare yourself for when destiny or purpose calls.  Don't waste precious time playing catchup. Develop any skills you desire to utilise. Attend to any obvious knowledge/skill gaps. 
  • Follow the Quest for Your Purpose. Never give up on exploring the reason you're here. 
  • Excel in your livelihood as an avenue of delivery of goodness to others.
  • Love life.

What you can't control ... destiny, fate, synchronicity, randomness. But you CAN control how you navigate when you encounter them.

All you CAN do is prepare, prepare, prepare for when the epiphany strikes so that you can act without unnecessary delays.

For the record, I am absolutely not available to discuss the Stage-1 small stuff of anyone's life. It bores me to tears. Because it's always excuses about why you can't won't move onward or upward. It's a colossal waste of my time and yours when you argue for your limitations and expect someone else to pull a magic rabbit out of a hat that you expect to suddenly open up the pearly gates to your mission in life.

There are enough people out there with the skill and patience to get you past your yes, but's.   I am not one of them

I'm also not fussed on helping others find their purpose. Well, I am, but not in a personal way. This is where I enjoy writing and teaching ... where I can set and forget ... provide what I consider the essential information in either free of affordable ways, and then walk away.

My personal passion ... and hence, purpose ... is at the third stage of up-levelling ... going from purposeful to leaderful. THIS is where I am willing to give anyone the attention they require until they're ready to fly on their own. Which would not take very long if the foundations are solid enough.

And yes, it's true that they may crash and burn after take-off. I've tested this strategy out a few times myself and can personally attest it's not life-destroying. Because the fact is that once you've broken through to the third stage of up-levelling, even if you tumble right down to the first stage, it's easier and faster to get back up to the third stage again. And again. And again. 

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