Predator Security Company - a curation

 So it started with an innocent query on a social media platform about whether Australia's internet was offline.

I scratched around online to see what I could find. I find twitter to be a fast way to get a feel of various issues particularly from the grass-roots perspective. A quick looks indicated that it seemed to be isolated to the city of Melbourne where the protestors were active. I saw a lot of tweets claiming the internet has been cut, but most of them are unsubstantiated. So I sense that there are agitators who'd like to stir up outrage on one hand, but also a lot of censorship of the protests on the other. We're all being played from both sides ... possibly by the same puppeteer.

Anyway ... one of the posts was this one ...

First, people thought it was an African company based on the a FB page -, prompting this response from one Tweeter

Fortunately (?!) it is more likely to be THIS company ... (no idea if they are connected to the one based in Africa (Zambia?), and seem to be based in the USA.

The background image on their website

Their profile image on Twitter account -

Their profile image on the real FB page - 

Another image from their FB page.

An alternative profile image for their FB page.

Uniform patches available for purchase via their site.

This! ... is a motorcycle helmet! 

Image on the right is from the Project Coelacanth 7753 YouTube Channel. All videos have now been taken down. The image on the left is a collection of Star Wars lords of the Dark Side. I admit, I'm not entirely sure who the bottom centre guy is.

A 'naked' predator, perhaps?
Set in South Africa, so what was the guy in the above tweet saying about, that we could have a problem on our hands that we are not equipped to deal with?

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