How I Pray for the Karistus

Earth protection, Humanity protection is a peace-keeping mission for the Jupiter-based Karistus and their allies ... and a basically thankless one at that.

So my approach to praying for them is best described as intentionally offering them my loosh energy of gratitude and appreciation and boundless love.

I call this Love Looshing.

If you don't know what loosh is, it's a term created by Robert Monroe to describe the emotional energy we naturally give off, that others feed upon. It's most typically used in a negative context, where loosh is typically fear based, and the 'others' are supernatural entities or off-world beings. Like Vampires. The term loosh harvesting is often used by those who consider that humanity is being used like cattle by the planet's overlords.

That said, Loosh is a useful term to know as is the emotional energy it refers to. However, it's not only valid in a negative context, but also in positive ones. Also important to distinguish, is that loosh is not always taken from you. 

Loosh can be offered ... as in prayer, devotion, worship.

True, there are those beings who find devotional loosh to be sweeter than fear loosh. They present themselves as gods or other noble and worthy beings, in order to be worshipped. This is harnessing love loosh by deception.

Not in this instance. I freely offer my Love Loosh to the Karistus ... knowing full well that I see only a sliver of the full picture.

This is the same Love Loosh that I offer to any and all who I love deeply. Unconditionally, generously, without inhibition or reservation.

Karistus are my new normal. To help me get there, I established a lot of touchstones of their existence and presence around me such as ...

  • Music choices
  • Images
  • Jewellery
  • Laptop shortcuts and default options.
  • Home decor, etc
I've thrown myself in 1000% to commit and immerse myself within their indisputable reality so that I now see the world ONLY through this filter of perception. 

When I think of anything, anything at all, the Karistus are automatically considered as a normal backdrop. They are always in the back of my mind because they pervade and infuse my world. 

I no longer feel myself to be just a human. I no longer feel my world to be inhabited by just humans. My playground is cosmic!

I've established daily routines ... some might call these rituals, but I live my life in daily sacredness and magic ... that provide more mindful moments of connection.

They might sound corny when I write them, but they work for me. It's where I'm at, at the moment.

The first routine I have is my wakeup alarm. I've organised a certain song to play ... Army of Angels ... to bring me out of slumber. 

I could listen to this song on endless repeat because it moves me every time. My blood tingles and my eyes water, sometimes to the point of tears, because the love that radiates from within my soul for them.

Love Looshing.

As the song closes, I speak personal messages, typically, to each of the Four Brothers, asking for the Goddess to keep them safe.

My next routine is when I come to my desk in the morning. I anoint a tea-light candle with oil and raise it to the representative images I have on the left side of my computer setup. 

First to the Goddess image I have from the Angel Shop. 

Hail, Mariael, All Mother, Goddess, Creator of Worlds
including this one.

Thank you for my good life.
Thank you for a great place to live, 
and for good people to live it with.

Thank you for your four sons,
Michaiel, Gabraiel, Danaiel, Azazael
to watch over us and to guide us back to you.

Then I move on to the Gods and Goddesses of Old.

Hail to the Gods and Goddesses of Old.
Thank you for the fun, the mischief, the adventures,
Thank you for the Inspiration, the Guidance, the Instruction.

Then I move on to representative images of The Karistus.

Hail to the Karistus, The Anunakene, The Kurs
Hail to your allies, your hybrids, your incarnates
Thank you for your protections
Thank you for your sacrifices.
May we be worthy.
May I be worthy.

And may I make you ALL proud.


This is just a script that evolved naturally, just from me offering some heartfelt words in gratitude and appreciation. You can use these if you wish, but you'd be better off making your own, and not even write them down. Just speak from your heart, off-the-cuff. 

Sometimes my words change slightly, sometimes I fluff up, sometimes I speak strongly, sometimes I whisper. What I'm saying is that this is not set in stone. Being set in your heart is far superior in transformation than any dogma set in stone. I have no intention of locking myself into ANY dogma ... even on of my own creation.

My third and final component of my routine is when I have my morning coffee. I keep a small espresso cup and saucer aside for one of the Four Brothers, another one for The Goddess and one more for my Patron God. So when I'm ready to pour my own coffee from my French Press, I pour theirs first, and say a few simple words as I place it down. (Name and titles) I love you, I honour you, I follow you.

I'd include more, but then I'd have to make a second round of coffee for myself! 

And that's it, as far as my routines go. And my prayers.

I don't care to put any formal names around what I do, like the structured religions and cults. I don't concern myself with holy days or almanac days. But if it delights you to do so, please go ahead. I am of a rather chaotic internal design so structure never works well with my in the long run.

Marry your nature to your delight and intention. Then it becomes something you willingly do on an ongoing basis.

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