The Wolf and The Stag

Artist: Bitter-Tree

No deceiver or saviour
will see me on my knees
The wolf and the stag
emerged from the same door

Hopeless and fearless is time
scrawled up above
Who dares to mock me
with words writ on high

Each empire falls
and wise men write
as each season passes
and bird call changes tune
I have done nothing wrong

No question does not already hold the truth
just that we cannot comprehend
how they are asked or what to say

No storm can keep my feet at bay
as I pursue the light and plant my flag among the infinite
upon solemn peak

Each fleeting thought
and every breath of wailing wind
contains the germ and the key
only the infinite can see

The wolf and the stag emerged from the same door
where sunlight passes through
and I can say that I am whole
and you are too 

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