Alien Foes and Allies

It is not necessary to agree with me. But let me just share what I know to be true.

After decades of searching for what’s really going on in our world, and following multiple tangents of seemingly unrelated topics, I was finally led to one who could supply the answers that I knew to be true. I recognised the integrity of his answers due to its coherence over the broad range of disparate topics he taught on, and over the large number of educational pieces he created.

I do not claim to know high-level information, nor even mid-level information. If I do not know something, I will admit it. This information has come to me from the K group.

Are you an alien-human hybrid?

Many alien-human hybrids suspect nothing and live regular lives. These are like ‘sleeper’ agents, to be activated when needed.


But almost half of you will know that you’re not like other people. Deep in your bones, deep in your heart, you know you are different. You do not fit in to the mainstream value system, you find it extremely hard to be ‘normal.’ You wonder what is wrong with you. Why can’t you be just like everyone else?

You try to fit in. You try to slip under the radar. You don’t like to draw attention to yourself.

You are likely full of anger and/or pain, resulting in self-destructive and/or anti-social thoughts and behaviours.

You may even joke about being an alien from another world. Or from Atlantis, Mu, or other lost civilisation. Or you were a priest or priestess from ancient Egypt. Or descended from a divine, mythic, or legendary bloodline.

There are dilutions of being a hybrid. 

If your hybrid essence is weak, it will be latent and unsuspected. You are ‘asleep’ and waiting to be activated or triggered.

If it is stronger, your thoughts may lean towards strange fascinations and dreams, such as a purpose, but there is weak or no follow through with actions.

When it is strong, your actions are in alignment with your thoughts and purpose. Your life grows in personal power and you become a person of influence and make an impact, leave a legacy.

When it is super strong you may exhibit unusual talents and abilities. You think the X-men are just fictional?

Otherworldly Memories
Previous life Flashbacks
Deja Vu
Feeling trapped here
Abductions and visitations by non-worldly entities

There is very little that is fun or glamorous about being a hybrid. It is difficult to be trapped between two different worlds. You either learn to live with it, ignore it, or are drawn into a world of high strangeness.

How are alien-human hybrids created?

In any combination of the following:

1. Abduction and IVF of mother
2. Created by cells from both parents, incubated externally.
3. Born to one or both hybrid parents
4. Born to one alien and one human parent
5. Genetic modification after birthing as human,
      a. Forced alteration of genomes during an abduction
      b. Forced alteration of genomes of population groups via food, water, air, medicine
6. Cloning:
      a. Incubated in labs
      b. Incubated in utero
7. ‘Walk-ins’ or transfer of essence
      a. Mind control (eg MK Ultra, DID’s, SRA)
      b. Implants

Not all abductions end up on a spacecraft. There are a number of hybridisation centres located around the world, with one of the oldest set up in the late 1880’s in Europe. Universities. Research Centres - Military, Technology, Medical

Why are hybrids created?

Some hybrids are for experimental purposes. Some are intended for other worlds. Most are for utilitarian purposes and are often not needed until a specific situation is required such as war or civil unrest. Many will never be activated during times of peace.

Many are being designed to be at ease with incoming accelerated technology - think of the many high-functioning autists who feel very capable and at ease with computer programs - hacking, designing. Others will require super fast mental processing and reflexes.

There are also Indigo children (who are now adults)

Many cryptids are a result of failed inter-species hybrid experiments, left to fend for themselves. (Other cryptids are simply displaced beings, removed from their natural world).

Who are the aliens among us?

There are multiple alien races that traverse through our planet. I will not use their full names here, to minimise surveillance triggers.

There is one - V - who claims to ‘own’ this planet. They rule over multiple planets.

There is another - M - who wants a piece of this action, and sometimes ally with V’s.  They also rule over multiple worlds.

They are like rival bikie gangs who will ally with each other against common threats. But when there is no common threat, they will fight against each other. The political power struggle in many countries is a common arena.

Then there are those - A - who were tasked by The Creator to help humanity to develop and progress.

And others - K - who assist A’s in their task as a military task force.
These 4 are the main players.
The V and M hybrids have limited autonomy. They are designed to be rule followers, and defer to authority without question. Tend to be motivated by self-serving motives. They tend to be hive-mind and slavishly obedient, except for those that are supremely competitive.

A & K hybrids tend to be idealistic and aspirational.  Tend to be motivated by lifting and liberating others. I also felt these were hive-mind, which is why I, personally, avoided allying with any group whatsoever. I have since learned that they are not hive mind, but it's more that they are on the same team.

It's a subtle difference ... hive mind and team mind. The difference is in the degree of autonomy and free will. We will never have complete autonomy and free will. No being does. I'll explore this in another post.

Almost all hybrids are caught between fluctuating versions of realities, with shifting sense of loyalty and belonging.

All groups utilise similar tactics to achieve their ends.

These tactics include the use of advanced technologies, psychological and spiritual manipulation, shape-shifting (organic or technology facilitated).

A note on The Creator

The vast multiverse, with trillions and trillions of worlds, has many gods that create worlds and the life upon them. They are beings of a particular magnitude, with personalities and agendas. Any being can aim to become a creator god in another life.

There is still the prime creator, but that is many orders removed from our lives as physical beings, in the manner of an organic (as opposed to military or bureaucratic) hierarchy.

The V & M aliens defy The Creator’s intentions for humanity, while the A & K aliens

How Re-Magicing fits in with the Alien-Hybrid scene.

When your life-force is strong and healthy, your body and mind are strong and healthy. It is rare that physical and mental disease is an altruistic choice for an incoming soul.

All life emerges with its full level of life force. The environment is emerges into then shapes and forges it.

Magic is an innate part of life, therefore an innate part of your incoming life force.

Defining magic as the ability to make things happen, to shape life according to your desires, with all the resources at your disposal - psycho-magic, organo-magic, and techno-magic.

Skilled and trained magicians will always astound the lesser trained and skilled. Education is the key. Self discipline is one component of this education. It is not only learning the WHAT and HOW. Magic is a path to personal power, a return to the fullness of your inheritance as a living being.

You are NOT weak.
You are NOT subordinate.
You are NOT trapped.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is because power has been removed with you with your unwitting approval. Only you can help reinstate yourself into your own power.

Define power … the will - and ability - to control your destiny. Power over self. When you are sufficiently self-powerful, you then control the density of others.

Moral Judgment of good and evil

The good side does some bad things, as the bad side does some good things. Be pragmatic about this, not romantically idealistic. The field is more gray than black and white. There are many layers to this game.

The good-cop, bad-cop strategy is used by all sides.

This is a war played on many levels. Overt and covert.
Mentally, psychologically

The terms of engagement are brutal, there is much collateral damage of innocents.

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