Leaving the Orbit of Mortals

So ... I'm feeling into my new level of being and trying to language it.

It's not heart centred in a soft and elegant way. More like heart centred in a mega power-station kind of way.

It's not soul centred in a delicate, ethereal way. More like soul centred in a kick-ass warrior angel kind of way.

I feel like I've left the orbit of ordinary mortals. My reality increasingly is filled with gods and angels. There has been a phase change.

And bring my skills and power to aid The Cause in this cosmic battle.

I have a hunger to be a god. A desire to stretch and wield my power on the mightiest possible stage there is to play on, as a conscious being.

I am done with small Earth lives. As delicate and beautiful as they are. Are you listening, my dear Soul?

Or have I watched too many Thor movies, too many Star Wars movies? 

I would have galaxies as my playground.

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