Voices for European Shamanic Traditions

Shamanism is not cultural appropriation by Europeans. We have strong ancient roots that have been actively attacked to weaken our knowing. Yet within ourselves, there remains a resonance that is alerted when it approaches other, less-shattered, shamanic practices.

The European Folk-Soul is full of strong magic. It is time to reclaim it.

Below, I will list a number of recommended voices that have strong cohesiveness in the European Shamanic Tradition. As with all my recommendations, use your own discernment. Follow your predator instincts.

Thomas Sheridan

Do you like to mix Magic with Conspiracies? Thomas Sheridan is your man, particularly if you have Irish blood in your veins.

Arith Härger

I've written a post featuring Arith. He's a cool, very well informed guide to all things Viking and old Nordic. He is a trained archaeologist so he digs deeper (!) than most others on the topic.

Michael William Denney

Michael's website

Marcus Follin - The Golden Lion

Now, to be fair, Marcus would not claim to be a Shaman, but from my observation, he works with Psycho-Magic, but may not realise it. He focuses on raising masculine pride and European pride. He is a leader for young men who feel lost in the current cultural climate. He undoes a lot of the sorcerous mischief that has been spelled upon this potent group of warriors.

As an aside, don't be afraid to be proud of your heritage, regardless of what it is. When you are comfortable and honoured with your own lineage, it centres you. You have nothing to prove, nothing to defend. And you are relaxed enough to allow others, from different cultural lineages to feel the dignity of their own history as well. To consider otherwise, is part of the toxic binary magic spell of "us" vs "them."

Search for Marcus' name on your preferred search engine, as his various platforms are often targeted for removal on spurious claims of hate-crimes. Being proud of your heritage does not make you a white supremacist.

Jackson Crawford, Academic

If you're inclined to go academically deep into Norse and Viking lore, then scholar, Jackson Crawford should be on your radar. He's a stickler for accuracy and, while not shamanic, it will enrich any dives you may wish to make into old Nordic languages, culture, and beliefs. His prolific youtube videos can keep you hooked for hours and hours. 

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