Angels And Aliens: An Introduction

Besides Humans, here's an introduction to the other main players in our realm

Anunakene and winged Karistus 

The good side: In service to The Goddess
and other allies

The other side: In service to themselves
and other allies

Okay ... here's where I put my crazy on the line. Where you can judge me and feel the rise of your own opinions and beliefs most strongly.

Hold your beliefs lightly.

But first, some personal background for context.

I am a seasoned researcher of the mysteries and truth of our planet and of humanity, both past and present. I have been diving down rabbit holes way before September 11 2001. That there was more to our reality that we were presented with has been a core knowing since I was a child.

However, a few months ago, my decades of searching ended. I have arrived through to the other side. An unshakable certainty has settled into my bones. My cells resonate with a new level of life. This, in itself, is remarkable, because I have long felt myself to be a tired, old soul. All I could think of was to have an aeons-long period of rest and recuperation.

This revitalisation was also in conjunction with my MADJiic discovery (I'll teach this process in due course). Anyway, it's like EVERYTHING came together. Internal, External, and in ALL the in-between places.

Azazael 8867.100 is an aspect of an immortal Karistus warrior soul, who incarnates in human form, as a wingless angel, lifetime after lifetime. Currently, Aza of Zael is here in the human form of Dante Santori, who, since age 13, has full recall of his true identity and full history.

Now, you may wish to argue with me about many details of what I share as truth, but for me there is no doubt about the veracity of this statement. Which is to say that I'm not interested in hearing any dissenting opinions. Dante has proven himself to me time and again.

Click to download a free pdf of Dante's Alien Races Book.

If you wish to dive into Azazael's world, you can find the portal at the DS AHK YouTube channel The Cause channel. To navigate, search videos by oldest first. Unless Dante shakes his channel up again ... he does this from time to time ... you will get this one to begin.


1. Take notes as you watch.
2. Download any videos you consider important. They are regularly 'shuffled' in and out of public viewing.

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