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This post is dedicated to Azazael. I make this post as a reference to send people to when they begin to ask about him, so they can quickly grasp who he is.

I will make a separate post about Dante Santori, the current physical host of one aspect of Azazael's immortal essence.

Karistus Military Leader, Azazael

The Four Brothers

Azazael is one of 4 Karistus Brothers who fight on behalf of humanity. Michael, Gabriel, and Daniel are the other brothers. Or, as he prefers to write their names, Michaiel, Gabraiel, and Danaiel. (Gosh, I hope I got them right!)

Michaiel lives mainly off-world, but visits from time to time. He is the eldest brother.

Danaiel is currently hosted in the physical form of Vladimir Putin.

Gabraiel is currently hosted in the physical form of Putin's biker friend, Night Wolves leader, Alexander Zaldostanov. Dante has show photos of himself standing with Zaldostanov, as proof of his connection.

All the earth-bound brothers incarnate in human, wingless form. Their human form is mortal and can be killed. However, they incarnate again, but need to wait until their new body is 13 years old before they recall their identity and mission. In emergencies, they can co-opt an existing host body.

A note on Russia

Russia has long been a mystery, full of secrets and lost civilisations such as Tartaria. It is primarily Karistus-held territory. Politics is not just an earth-bound game. You've seen Star Wars movies, right?

Now, back to Azazael. Demon or Not?

Most people who are into Angels consider Azazael to be a dark angel. Even a fallen angel. This is a tangle of truths and half-truths, intentionally woven to discredit him. I admit that I was cautious about approaching him when I first encountered him, but I gradually learned to trust him.

He is a formidable enemy and a hard-ass military leader. 

Azazael is the scape-goat angel. The one who carries the pain of others. 

Now, I need to sort out exactly what the Nephilim are, but they are not as monstrous as we are taught they are. (I didn't take notes on the relevant video where he covered it, and now the details are hazy. I'll clear this up when I re-discover it.

In the meantime, here are a couple of screenshots from one of Dante's videos (sorry, not sure which one), that give Azazael's version of his reputation.

Incase this is hard to read (sorry about that) ... I'll write it out for you below, as it is written above.

This is what I tell them:
The other side has, for many thousands of years, poisoned the minds of Humans. 
I, long ago, have become a demon, the devil and the personification of ... EVIL.
This is because I am their worse enemy.
Being the son of Lushifar does NOT help either.
Cleaning my image simply for the sake of Truth would NOT help The Cause.
For the contrary. It would be giving 1000 steps back.
My symbol alone, for the vast majority of people, is seen as something evil.
When not consciously ... unconsciously.
Let them have their favourite Demon. Someone to blame. Let them keep their fears.
The Truth, if told about me, at this time ... would be more terrifying to accept than all their fears put together.
And in the end ... they would NOT accept it. They would fight it.
The Truth about me is to be revealed ONLY after this war is won. Only after.
NEVER before!
And EVEN then ... it will take a long time for them to accept it.
Let them have their darkness.
They need Darkness in order to see the Light.
I am that Darkness.
And I have agreed to being so.
I made many promises.
Being the Darkness they need in order to see the Light ... was one of them.

This next section was compiled by Iona Danielson. 
They are image files.

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