I write and teach with the intention to expand (and hopefully blow) your mind and soul back into its full power.

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The study of Feng Shui taught me a lot about the invisible energies around us and how they interplay.

This is a course I made and placed on Udemy. If you click on the image, you'll be taken to the landing page with the best price Udemy offers. 

Hint ... If you're not familiar with Udemy, don't pay the full price. Wait for a sale.

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Planned Creations

Ebook: The Hunt for Asgard
Course: ReMagic Your Self
Course: Integrating Life Purpose, Spirituality, Destiny, and Aliens
Course: Emotional Mastery for Warriors, Magicians & Tricksters
Course: The Principles & Dynamics of Spiritual Warfare For Doubters
Course: Overcoming The Bored And Tired Soul Syndrome
Course: Quest Training For Misfit & Rebel Visionaries
Course: Non-Traditional Journaling Using Magical Alpha Dialogue

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