Sound of Freedom. A Psyop Of The Good Kind.

I'm bringing this post out of my drafts folder almost 6 months after I first cast my words after the hubbub this movie release created. It makes a good reference. 

And YES! I am still behind Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel. I was curious to observe what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune were cast upon them in the interim.

Here's the link to the Bombshell video mentioned above.

1. We are in the midst of a Spiritual War, played out at every level.

2. Broadly defined, the opponents in this Spiritual War are Creators and Destroyers.

3. Creators foster Life and well-being. Creators EMPOWER individuals.

4. Destroyers ... destroy Life and well-being. Destroyers DISEMPOWER individuals.

5. Both sides utilise psyop tactics on the population. 

6. Both sides aim to claim you. You choose a side ... 

  • consciously (as a purpose), 
  • unwillingly (being co-opted), or ... 
  • by default, unconsciously (as a consequence of programming).
When you feel tugged between views and opinions on philosophies and current topics, you ARE in the middle of a programming battle.

Level Two - Narrative, Perception, and Truth.

1. The definition of Truth is impossible to define in a way that all will agree upon. 

2. A useful way to analyse Truth is differentiate Information from Interpretation.

3. Information is a series of objective facts of an event that can be observed similarly by multiple witnesses. It is most easily understood as the end result ... something/someone was created, destroyed, damaged, transformed.  

Working backwards from the end result gets a little more fluid.

4. Truth is a conclusion of Perception and Narrative. 

5. The quality of Perception is determined by the quality of the FILTERS of Perception. 

6. The quality of Narrative is determined 

5. Truth is a MIX of Perception and Narrative. When someone ... whoever it may be ... tells you that they know the Truth, it will inevitably be a mix of THEIR Perception and Narrative.

6. Granted ... they may have a greater field of perception than you.

7. Individual and Collective Perception can be MANAGED. From interpersonal lies to full-blown propaganda. 

The ONLY way for everyone to be united in an understanding of truth is to be part of a HIVE MIND. 


Some thoughts on the latest twists and turns in the Sound of Freedom ripples ...
Carlos Slim ... apparent Mexican mafia lord and alleged trafficker but a backer of the movie. I can't really speak to his nefarious activities, but if he IS guilty of these, and he was the biggest financier of the SoF movie, then I'd suggest he was strong-armed into doing so by the Angel Mafia 😉
The other thing that seems to be creating a hysterical reaction is reports that Tim Ballard has stepped away from OUR. In my opinion, whether he did or not is neither here nor there. If true, then it's quite feasible that there are other missions waiting for him, now that the movie has helped to galvanise the sleeping public into awareness and hopefully action about this issue of child trafficking.

When you've been attending to the Sound of Freedom interviews and articles, have you noticed an organisation on the periphery called The Nazarene Fund?  
Apparently, the broadcaster, Glenn Beck founded it. From their FAQ's page ... Although they are run as separate organizations, they are considered Sister Organizations and often work with one another on operations projects. Both TNF and OUR are under the same CEO, Tim Ballard.
Here's a link to The Nazarene Fund -
Now ... do you recall D's video from early December 2022, about the Nazarene - KARISTUS PEACE (part 1)_ The NaZAZArene & the 72's.
Can you see how intimately The Cause is working with this situation. It's like they're pulling out the big guns at this time, ready to mobilise the good humans in this world.
I have at the back of my mind, though, how the enemy will kick and fight back. Be alert to upcoming media wars and 'bad press' for these, and related, organisations.

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