The Modern Mystery School of the Angel Aliens

This is one of my articles that I should have published months, if not years ago, but which lay dormant in draft form, simply awaiting its final polishing. Sorry about that.

Let's begin by - surprise! - defining what a Mystery School is. 

I'm going to first allow my own understanding to flow before searching for how others define what a mystery school is and does.

So, here's my definition ...
A Mystery School teaches, in numerous formats ranging from the familiar didactic to the mystic experiential, about the hidden nature of reality that surrounds an individual life and/or our collective existence. 
The focus of Mystery Schools can ostensibly range from highly sacred to mundanely practical, such as teaching the healing arts or even trade mastery. Trade, you ask? Yes. Think masonry and stonework and civil engineering which built cathedrals, pyramids, temples. These skillsets link back to the sacred and mystical teachings. 

Mystery Schools also rigorously test seekers and applicants with the intention to turn away most. They are very careful to not cast their pearls before swine. Thus, there is always a sifting process, a series of filters in the form of tests and initiations intended to remove or sideline seekers who are not aligned, or able or willing to be aligned, with what is required for the inner series of circles. These tests and initiations are subtle and omnipresent and most people never realise that they are being filtered continuously. And watched. Alien Angels, after all, are known as The Watchers.

Money and worldly power mean nothing to them, so it's not possible to buy, bribe, or force your way in. If you CAN buy your way in ... if dollar values are assigned to their 'inner' courses ...  fair warning, you are definitely dealing with shysters and opportunists. Your authentic payment to such inner teachings should come by the way of sweat of your self-discipline, tears of awe and frustration, and possibly blood.

Mystery Schools rarely advertise their presence. Most seekers discover them quite by accident, or by following clues left behind by others, or by invitation from someone who has begun the journey into their curriculum.

So it was that in mid 2019, by accident, I stumbled across one mystery school in particular which impacted upon my psyche in a way that no other had previously - or has since - done. I had been in search of information about our old gods being aliens. I had been researching and writing about Loki and Asgard at the time and wanted more resources about our old gods coming from other planets or galaxies.

Ah ... but subtly I mislead you. 

First ... there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence. Synchronicity, yes ... as a function of Resonance.

Second ... what I was seeking was seeking me.

This Mystery School that I pledge my allegiance to (my first one ever !) doesn't have a formal name. Well, it might, and I just don't know it. 

Their public presence to attract curious seekers is on youtube, and just like many ancient mystery schools, they've had to change their locations from time to time and go into the shadows to avoid those who would hunt them and persecute them. So in the absence of a known formal name, I will call them the Angel Aliens school. 

Angels are from the Heavens ... another term for space, that is from places beyond this world ... and they have been here for millennia making their impact and helping to shape (the current batch of earthly) humanity's development.

So this particular mystery school cohesively knits together biblical and antediluvian history, myths and legends, sky-craft, religions, lost civilisations, alien technologies including orbs and black goo, as well as introducing a whole host of other races who are currently here in a battle for control of this planet and its resources ... which includes us.

Consider this your invitation to explore where I have found my home and test the resonance for yourself.

The main reason this mystery school won my heart and soul is that it did not demand belief of their claims. It actually encourages critical thinking, which, as an ENTP enneagram type, was always my stumbling block with most other esoteric schools. 

However, with the Angel Alien Mystery School, there is an abundance of evidence shown to back up the presented narrative ... feather by feather ... until an entire pair of wings of faith and commitment is generated over time. The time it takes to develop these depends on what prior work you've done, how much self-awareness you have, how willing you are to UN-learn what various authorities have indoctrinated you with, and how integrated your rational mind is with your heart and soul. And no doubt, a whole slew of other factors. 

There are a lot of imitators out there who discuss similar topics, but they rarely present evidence of the calibre shown by the AAMS, if in fact they show any at all. Once you have known - resonated - with the real thing, imposter offerings feel as shallow as actually they are.

This is their current channel. These are their back up channels: here and here. I highly recommend you subscribe to all of them, and watch their newly uploaded videos quickly because they are often removed after a short while, often hours.

But be warned. Plunging into their pool of videos can be a wild ride with many, many, MANY WTF! moments. 

That's a test in and of itself. The first. The videos rarely follow the norm of having a beginning, a middle, and an end. These aspects fold into themselves, where the end can appear at the beginning, or be skipped altogether. Sometimes the answers are contained in other videos for you to discover at random. Sometimes the answers are in the next of a series, if there is one, but that video might not be accessible to the public. Suffice to say, you will be left with many dangling and enticing questions. How you handle those is the key to your quest.

Next is that you will find the comments turned off on all their thousands of videos, so there's no where to vent your frustration, ask your inevitable questions, or to troll them. You are being asked to sit with the often-cryptic and tantalising information provided, simmering it in your unconscious.

About half the videos are commentaries on current events, with some momentary glimpses of behind the scene Angel Alien involvements. Or the arsehole side's involvement. 

The other half of the videos are teachings. Of history, mainly, both on-planet and off-planet. But also of supernatural phenomena and the science or facts behind them. Like ... were you aware (highly unlikely) that spontaneous combustion is caused by unknown weaponry. Unknown to us, but well known to Angel Aliens. There is also a lot of education and history about Art and Music because privileged information can be revealed in plain sight without raising suspicions from the general population ... and enemies. Followers are taught how to read signs and symbols of the ubiquitous presence of the Angel Aliens in all spheres of life.

There is no public recruitment drive. There is no request for money. There is no mailing list to subscribe to so they don't collect names and emails. 

There is only one identified teacher, and it's clear he is backed up by an undisclosed organisation. 

What's their purpose in opening this Mystery School? To find those of their own who have been scattered over time but who still carry enough of the essence of who they truly are. It's part an activation mechanism that is critical in this spiritual war. And once you, too, have your dormant Angel essence activated, life will NEVER look or be the same ... in glorious ways.

UPDATE: The videos mentioned below are not currently available to the public

However, there are two main courses of study that seekers can take themselves down

   1. The Book of the Foreshadowing of the Feather Series (over 60 episodes) Not all are public at all times.

   2. (AHK) Alien Human Kind Series (over 150 episodes)

These videos are free to watch. When they're made public. 

If you put the names of the above-mentioned series into your preferred search engine, you may find various episodes floating around in cyberspace where people have saved them and reuploaded them onto their own channels. But be assured, these channels are NOT official outposts of the Angel Alien Mystery School.

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