Enemy Comparisons (v's vs m's)

The information I share here has been learned in the modern mystery school that I talk about ... I can't share its name because I simply don't know it. My term for it is The Modern Mystery School of the Angel Aliens. 

Every mystery school that I've ever encountered teaches about the war between good and evil. The Angel Alien school is no different, but in this case, the enemy combatants are identified as aliens. Note that this doesn't preclude them from also being known as demons or djinn or any other term. 

It's useful to keep in mind the Hamlet quote by Shakespeare:
“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” 
From what I've absorbed about these two races that I'll be discussing, I'm simply splashing out my impressions. I may be entirely wrong about one or the other, or even both.

Note that I’m listing stereotypical qualities. There will be spectrums of high and low among these. Not every individual member will display these qualities in equal measure.

There are many cultures within each race, just as there are with humans, each with different values and priorities.

Don't make the mistake of thinking these are the ONLY two races on this planet. No, there are literally hundreds of them. But these two are the dominant ones who compete for control over territory ... which means planet Earth and its resources ... including you. Right and left politics? You've got them right here! 

Fortunately, there is a third dominant race on this planet, supported by allies. Those who we've come to know as Angels, who do their best to correct or mitigate the damage caused by these two domineering races.

You'll recognise many so-called human qualities in what I write. That's because humanity has been contaminated with their essence (and also with Angel essence), either with dna-manipulations or inter-breeding. Many humans are sleeper agents until activated. 

To re-iterate, all humans carry essence of the three dominant races ... and probably more ... but we have the free will to choose which ones we strengthen, which ones we invest our time and energy into. If you pay no attention whatsoever to your personal and spiritual development, you will entropy into the baser essences, ending up as fodder for their less-than-benign purposes. And you'll wonder why you're unhappy. Duh!

vlash characteristics
(aka reptilians, aka Chitauri)
maitre characteristics
(aka greys)

Supreme structure of order ... 

Control based on “law of the jungle”

hierarchy based on might

Hive mind. Centralised controls based in biology … eg Queens, drones, etc

ruthless ... amongst themselves and to those they rule

cunning, sly

Brutal. Harsh and swift judgment and punishment Off-the-charts malevolent, sadistic, needlessly cruel Human evil pales into insignificance alongside them.

Militaristic. A reasonable degree of HONOUR.

Greasy politics and diplomacy. CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Ulterior motives are behind all their actions and words.
Territorial expansion by military conquest Territorial expansion by destruction
Loudly emotional ... unsubtle in expression ... which is why dominant emotion in underlings must be fear. Subversive ... even internally ... try to outsmart and outdo each other in their connivings and cruelties. Backstabbing.
When you're a hammer, everything is a nail Slimy, subtle infiltration
Physical size and strength is seen as evidence of superiority. mindgames ... pitting folk against each other for sport
Patriarchy in its most tyrannical form.

Basically genderless, therefore not really patriarchal as such. 

Could be said they are, in fact, matriarchal, due to being controlled by Queens.

Humans seen as a resource to be exploited ... Life-force harvesting, as in the film, Jupiter Ascending Humans seen as a blight to be exterminated
Hedonistic, excessive appetites, lusty sex drive, orgies.
Subdued but sadistic sexual appetites
preferred loosh is from fear

preferred loosh is from pain ...


Autocratic, authoritarian rulership Behind-the-scenes manipulations. 

Established hierarchical religious institutions.

Want to ensure our recycling back into their control.
Encourage occult appeal to fulfil material desires ... epitome of satan's temptations to lead us astray and corrupt our souls

Easy to see that Cognitive Warfare is a maitre legacy.

Both are inclined to cannibalism. Yes, they eat their own as well as us. Our blood contains essences they crave.

Both are imitative rather than creative. They use formulas, systems, and/or algorithms to improve what already exists, but experience no leaps of intuition or creative inspiration. 

Both are considered soul-less.

Both have jealousy towards humans for having (love, creative, spiritual) capacities which they do not. Therefore they diminish it in order to control it, or exploit it, or imitate it.

Both use religion - eastern and western styles - as a control structure over humanity, exploiting the human disposition towards spirituality. 

Both are self-serving ... what's in it for them. 

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