Friends of Humanity

After the previous post describing the two enemies, it felt only fitting to look at our allies.

It tickled my fancy that the image I used for our enemies had them placed laterally, side by side ... a contrivance I made with an image editor. 

But our allies were shown in a vertical formation, both above us and here with us.

And I really like that this post will appear above the enemy one. Very apropos, I sense.

Left and right (ideologically speaking) are illusory choices. Mind games. Distractions. 

The only real decision you need ... yes, NEED ... to make, is whether to rise ... whether to elevate yourself ... or not.

Get over your pedanticism with the literalness of biblical teachings or the authoritarian agenda of churchianity. These simply serve to cover the truth, which is full of mysteries grounded in galactic events. You want to know the Truth, but can you handle the Truth if it is revealed to you? Would you believe it?

The two main characters (as well as a few others) depicted in the artwork below, and who feature strongly in the Bible, are not entirely fictional or ethereal. Yes, there was politics involved, but it extended way beyond our realm.

So ... WHO are the Friends of Humanity? 

Let's begin with a broad overview ... they are an alliance of various alien races who are in service to our Creator. Yes ... spirituality and SOUL are the hallmarks of such races. 

Some of these ally races are humanoid, others are not. Some of the humanoid races are our genetic kin. Wings optional. We know them as Angels. But not all Angels have wings, nor are all winged beings Angels.

The race of Angels could be described as being similar to military peace keepers. They don't come to conquer territory but to ensure the inhabitants are not exploited or exterminated. They are our protectors while we learn to rescue ourselves ... which, in my view, is a matter of maturation rather than of not being worthy to continue living due to qualities of inherent evil we occasionally display.

This Angel race has been here with us for over a dozen millennia, as have another ally race. They are depicted abundantly in Sumerian frescos.

Within the Angel race, there are four key individuals in leadership roles, Archangels, three of which are here on this earth, side by side with humanity. The fourth fulfils his role in the heavenly realm. 

These four individuals return lifetime after lifetime to continue their tasks. After being allowed a 'normal' human childhood, they are activated at age 13 to their full memory of who they really are, who they have been in previous lives, and what their mission is. 

As 'humans' they live a double life as a regular person as well as their larger life as an angelic being. As humans, they receive special procedures and implants to help them in their roles. There is little that is supernatural or mystic about them except that we ascribe it so. They simply have superior technology, knowledge, wisdom, and inter-realm experience.

The two central figures in both the paintings below are two of the four brothers ... the heavenly one and the shadowy one who works for the light.

The heavenly one is one commonly known as the Archangel Michael and also as the New Testament God. Yes, they are one and the same.

The shadowy one is known more ambiguously as a fallen angel and/or demon known as Azazael. However, this is a false rendering of his character but which is quite in keeping with his iconic role as the Scapegoat. 

Together they form the light and dark dynamic of the peace keeping mission. While Michael is the 'clean' operator, Azazael is like the special ops figure.

DON'T be misled into believing that Azazael works against the Creator. 

Judgment Day by Viktor Vasnetsov
Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, painted 1885-1896

The Last Judgement by Viktor Vasnetsov
St. George’s Cathedral, painted 1896-1904

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