God Races

This is not intended to be an academic essay, but a personal reflection on my evolved comprehension on the obscured nature of God and his cohorts. 

The beings who we understand as 'God' (and Goddess), in terms of cultural worship, are actually various. 

1. Some are outright human imposters who encourage the term for expeditious reasons. 

2.  Some are outright non-human imposters who encourage the term for expeditious reasons. 

3. Some are beings from races who have world-building and life-creation within their capacities.

If you're like me, you've often wondered on the nature of God, and tried to reconcile the various exposures of narratives along the way. 

One narrative being that Jesus was a fictional tale character designed using a standard astrotheological template which was also utilised in many other cultures, such as in Egypt with the tale of Horus, and in Persia with the tale of Mithra. These being only two examples of many.

Then there's never-ending academic and theological debates on the historic validations that Jesus was either a real character, or a composite of characters. 

But getting back to Jesus' dad ... God, aka (in Christian terms) Yahweh or Jehova. How to reconcile the creator of this world with the personality he displayed to various human figures ... often wrathful, vengeful.

The character that Christians recognise as God seems to be quite psychotic and schizophrenic. (I'm waiting to be struck by lightning as I write this!) Indeed, there are many Gnostic sects that suggest that God is an archontic imposter, Yaldabaoth, also known as the Demiurge. The claim is that who Christians worship is actually the devil.

No wonder there is so much strife within the Christian religion, and why holding a dogmatically orthodox line no longer appeals to increasing numbers of former Christians.

As westerners, we tend to have a fuzzy concepts when it comes to The Divine, The Sacred, Spirituality, Soul, Ascension, Karma, and so on. That's because we think in binary terms of either/or ... as we have been programmed to think. As theological texts have been written. And that's why it's difficult to reconcile the varying narratives. 

The truth has been oversimplified to be palatable to the limited comprehension of humans, whose awareness that they were inhabitants of a galactic network of civilisations was removed. 

Why do I put it like that? Because our current culture is not the first to rise to any level of sophistication. I consider Lost Civilisations as a given, with only unverifiable details open to boundless conjecture. 

Yes, many gods of myth and fables were astronauts. That is, gods were aliens. Gods walked amongst humans, or at least interacted with them, perhaps at a distance, via technologies. Again, I take that as a given. 

But under Christian orthodoxy, this was erased from the collective memory through persecution and, more subtly, the adjustment of languaging. It's always fascinated me that Heaven is among the stars. 

I've come to learn that there are many layers of life 'above us' which are not the Prime Creator. These layers of life above us are also of the Prime Creator, so I see no conflict between these ideas. The only risk is to the hubristic sensibilities of those who still believe earthlings to be the ONLY creation of the Prime Creator. 

There is a group of cosmic beings who seed and foster life within the cosmos. They are like the 'birthers' of sentient species. The humanoid template, adapted to the intended environment, is favoured by many, but it is not the only sentient life-form template.

Once a home has been made habitable through terra-forming of planets and various regions upon them, the intended race will be "birthed" (through organo-tech means) and a 'nanny-race' will be tasked to foster the hopeful flourishing of that race. 

The Anunnaki are our 'nanny-race'. 

The creator of our earthling race is a female god, so a goddess. Her name is Mariael. Those of the god races CAN and DO manifest amongst us from time to time. The name Rachel is code for when the Goddess walks among us. Other gods and goddess beings also walk among us, including the one who the Jesus narrative is built around. 

You would make a critical error in dismissing the existence of Jesus as a fiction. The Jesus-as-alien narrative is far more full of twists and turns, pathos and tragedy, than what is gleaned from the bible. The devil has an alien army at his beck and call and the crucifixion was a key battleground in the Spiritual War, where those in service to the Goddess were prevented from rescuing the being who walked - and died - as Jesus. Regeneration technology exists. It is not a mystical process.

Now, the intellectual and/or emotional investment a particular progenitor has towards their creation is highly variable. As are their skill levels. As are their personalities and motivations. As are their goals for our spiritual development. 

I expect that if these beings were also gifted with Free Will, and not part of a hive army, that even an individual god/goddess will have variable results over time as their skill and maturity progresses.

Some of these beings are like script-writers. They create characters, scenarios, and plots for the actors, for souls, to come and play out, for the souls to have either experiences of adventure or educative opportunities.

Others might be considered artists, who design worlds and their inhabitants with a 'let's see what happens' attitude. 

Fortunately for this planet, our creator cultivated us with an intention to not simply survive, but to thrive. (I'll discuss the other side of the coin at another time.)

From what I can ascertain, these Gods and Goddesses are not a particular race, but a certain status based on a certain level of consciousness achieved through training or experience or by some other means. Beings from all races have the opportunity to reach this level.

I'll write more on the imposter gods another time.

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