On Anunnaki and Archons | What Truthers Get Mixed Up

First up, I will state at the outset, that the Anunnaki are NOT archons. 

So if you are only interested in validating your own misperception that they ARE the same, then save yourself some time by not reading further. You won't find such validation here. 

Now that I've got that off my chest, let's move on. And let's look at the archons first. 

From what I've researched and reflected upon, the archons were created, according to Gnostic texts, without a soul ... that is, without the feminine principle. So all the qualities of masculinity are hyper-concentrated in archons, with patriarchal protection at best and toxic-masculine tyranny at worst. 

Archons are described as generally having no compassion or empathy, no heart, no caring for others. While they may show nepotistic preferences in promoting their own family and kin, they will also ruthlessly turn on them when it suits their purposes. 

The first archon that was created, according to The Secret Book of John, was Yaldabaoth, who was formed when the feminine principle of Wisdom, Sophia, over-reached and fell away from her realm into a new dimension. This rupture created her masculine shadow or negative. 

So everything Sophia was, this new accidental creature wasn't

The realm that Sophia was from which contained the masculine and feminine principles that were paired off to create experimental forms throughout the cosmos was called The Pleroma, and the masculine and feminine principles were called Aeons (incase you were wondering). 

Anyway, this new dimension was what could be considered the abyss, like a black hole. In the abyss, Yaldabaoth created armies of beings like himself, who are called demons by the Gnostics.

It would be reasonable to equate Yaldabaoth with Satan or the Devil.

As the original being in this abyss, Yaldabaoth considered himself to be the ruler, the king of that realm. In fact, the term archon is Greek for Ruler, with arch being evident in such words as monarch, matriarch, anarchy, and so on. 

Yaldabaoth was then inspired to create, then rule over mankind. Gnostics consider Yahweh or Jehovah to be Yaldabaoth. 

[I don't want to dilute this account, so I'll share as it is written in the Secret Book of John, which is contained in the Naghammadi.

Humanity Begins

Then came a voice from the highest realms saying:
            “The Man exists! And the Son of Man!”
Yaldabaoth, chief ruler, heard it
            He thought it came from his mother
            He did not know the true source of the voice:
                        The Holy Mother-Father
                        Perfect Providence
                        Image of the Invisible
                                    Father of Everything
                                    In whom everything has come to be.
The First Man
            [This is the one who appeared to them.
            He appeared in the form of a human being.] 
All of the realm of the chief ruler quaked!
            The foundations of the abyss moved! 
He illuminated the waters above the world of matter,
            His image shown in those waters. 
All the demons and the first ruler together gazed up
            Toward the underside of the newly shining waters.
Through that light they saw the Image in the waters.
Yaldabaoth said to his subordinate demons:
            “Let’s create a man according to the image of God
                        And our own likeness
             So that his image will illuminate us.” 
Each one through another’s Power created aspects of the man;
            Each added a characteristic corresponding to the psychic factors
They had seen in the Image above them.
They made a creature of substance
In the likeness of that perfect First Man

And they said, “Let us call him Adam, so that his name will give us the power of light.”

Okay. Let's back up a bit now. The Anunnaki enclave over at AllatRa teach that not all sentient races have Souls. But they affirm that human beings most definitely do.

The races that want to destroy or restrain humanity are either jealous of some quality we have and want to annihilate (and us, with it so we'll no longer be a threat), or see a resource they want to exploit.

What could this possibly be, I wonder? Remember, the archons are LACKING ANY FEMININE PRINCIPLES, such as ...

  • Compassion and Mercy
  • Redemptive Love (vs physical lust)
  • Heart
  • Visionary Creativity (vs iterative creativity)
  • Unbounded Imagination (vs uninspired imagination)
  • Care
  • Kindness
  • Softness 

And you wonder why the patriarchy suppresses women? Remember, human men ARE born with various levels of the feminine principle, but these are trained out of them in our western culture, or at least inhibited and discouraged.  The more toxic masculine behaviour is, the closer it is to the archontic ideal. Anything truly feminine is their kryptonite (as opposed to the currently-prevalent corrupted feminine).

This is why the feminine is devalued and feminine power remains unharvested. Generally in our masculine-exalted culture, feminine qualities are only tapped into if they can be exploited and monetised. 

By the way, with regard to creativity and imagination, archons can only imitate what already exists. They can adapt it, extend it, but only in formulaic, step-by-step processes. 

Now don't go thinking that the Gnostic accounts are literal. While they contain profound truths, as do many sacred scriptures, they also contain many layers of mysteries and gaps. But they offer a solid insight into some of the many realities beyond this realm.

Now ... the Anunnaki.

They have souls like we do. They are evolved kin to us, and similar in terms of our evolutionary and technological potential. 

They are the quintessential Aquarian archetype ... cool and aloof, but visionary, compassionate, and humanitarian. That's not to say there aren't variations, with a spectrum of qualities. 

They are not a perfect and unchanging race, so politics and personality can vary the quality of Anunnaki-Human interactions. 

They are NOT rulers of this planet. And don't claim to be. However, they are bureaucrats and implement and oversee a lot of programs and projects that affect us culturally. 

They have been appointed by higher authorities to assist and guide us to stand on our own feet. They are NOT to assigned to rescue us. No one is. In this dispassionate cosmos, countless races die and are born each moment. Each race only exists on its own merits. It is time to show that we are worthy of continuing to exist.

Now, make sure to really understand this ... 

The Anunnaki attempt to mitigate archontic control of this world. On our world, presently and historically, the archontic races are the vlash and the maitre. Ruthless Reptilians and oily Grays. 

And depending on who is doing the narrating, either side can be featured as the good guy and the other side as the enemy. 

And no. Before you ask ... the Goddess/Aeon Sophia is NOT the creator of this world. Nor is Ishtar. Our Creator Goddess' name is Mariael. Remember, there are multiple goddesses, from various races/dimensions. 


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