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Learn about the next phase of the Anunnaki agenda on this planet: transitioning from a Consumer-based society to a Creative-based society. 

Don't make assumptions ... take a few hours to LEARN ABOUT IT. Then take a stand.

The Anunnaki's mission on this planet is to foster, guide, and nourish the development of their little earth-bound siblings. That is, us.

This is a mission given to them by a higher authority*, not a mission of conquest or arising from any sense of entitlement. 

And it's not ALL Anunnaki who have this mission. But there is a department if you will, within a culture that extends across galaxies.  

They have a playbook, a guide. One that's been developed over time. The Anunnaki are social engineers. Scientists. They note what worked well under what circumstances. What didn't work so well and under what conditions. 

One of the first roll-outs of the social engineering agenda is religion. It's a collective focal point for creating a larger-than-tribal social cohesion, connecting groups beyond geographical boundaries.

This planet is not the only project they are involved with.

They also have terraforming departments as well as social engineering departments. Each department has many teams who are deployed on various missions throughout the cosmos.

Now what you need to realise is that the individuals within these teams, the individual Anunakene, have personalities and agendas, just like we do. They are not so different from us ... they just have a much larger playing field, with a vast range of experience and history, and with 'miraculous' technology at their disposal. 

And as with human mission teams, the leader sets the tone of the team. The level of caring is variable, the level of exactness is variable, the level of commitment is variable, the level of emotional stability is variable, the level of political brown-nosing is variable, the level of hidden agendas is variable. 

So when teams were spread around the world to foster the cultural developments of various groups of humans, with an agenda that had the establishment of religious practices as a foundation, the groups of people were basically at the mercy of the whims of the team leader.

These teams would come down to interact and implement their mission, and then back off to see the results, short-term, mid-term, and long-term. They would tweak, as required, with 'mystic' phenomena, selective training of chosen individuals in rulership and governance, and so on.

And if some missions appeared to be on the path to failing, again, the team-leader set the tone for the mission team. Compassion levels were variable. Some may even enjoyed the struggle they observed. There may have been 'tough love' shown, in order to strengthen certain characteristics amongst their human subjects. 

Begin by listening to what life would look like with this next planned Anunnaki iteration for us. It really sounds like they are our older siblings, and not so different from us after all.

  • Plastic as a precious resource,
  • "magic microwave ovens" that create whatever you need from particles,
  • full health restoration (don't need to worry anymore about morgellons or vax damage to cells), including limb regeneration.
  • extending human life to 1500 years, with age regression for permanent prime of life appearance,
  • interplanetary colonisation.

All with technologies already exist. As Igor keeps stressing, what he talks about IS NOT SCIENCE FICTION, BUT ALREADY EXISTS.

All this within 5 to 10 years. So, by 2030 - 2035. Lots of juicy food for thought.

Let your imagination be seeded. Allow the vision to be planted. Inoculate yourself against doomsday prophets.

Please watch at least one of the following videos to hear about their plans and how they address common concerns people have.

Creative Society

Jul 19, 2020 What is the Creative Society? Simple examples clear to everyone. How to form conditions for the development of the Creative Society focused on the benefits and freedoms of a Human in the shortest possible time? Detailed information on 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. Examples from life. What does a status of a Human in the Creative Society mean? Self-governing society. What perspectives does the Creative Society have for humankind? How will it help you and how will it affect the lives of your children, your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren?

What are the real reasons for the emergence of crises and conflicts in society, and what are the ways to resolve them? What are the fundamental differences between the consumerist format of society and the creative one? The truth as it is. A world without wars, without exploitation, without poverty is possible!

Sensational statements and simple answers to very important questions for a human and human society in an interview with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

Creative Society Unites Everyone

Dec 15, 2020 At this difficult time of total people's disunity, global crises (from economic to climate), people unite on the basis of the Creative Society in order not only to survive together, but also to give a wonderful future to all humankind.

What is unification, and what does it start with? Why is it beneficial for everyone to unite on the basis of the Creative Society? What are the prospects of such unification and concrete stage-by-stage steps of its implementation in the current situation? What is the difference between the Creative Society and a consumerist society? Why has the consumerist system outlived its usefulness? What are people's benefits in building the Creative Society? What are the stages of building the Creative Society? What is the electoral platform? Why is it important for people to invest attention in one goal, and what is the metaphysical secret of this process? Why is building the Creative Society beneficial for everyone, ranging from peoples to those in power? Why should the Creative Society be built within one generation? Igor Mikhailovich Danilov gives answers to these and many other questions.

Creative Society: the Prospect of Civilization

Dec 17, 2020 Creative Society as a prospect of building and developing one united human civilization. Exit beyond the boundaries of Earth; space exploration. Life of a new level, management of the microworld: a simple solution to numerous material problems of a human. Futurological forecast.

Modern humanity is at a historic turning point. How to make a leap from the abyss of a consumerist, beastly format into a totally new format of human relationships? How to quickly build one united human civilization in the conditions of global climate change? What kind of conditions should be created for that? What is a common egregore of civilization? Free energy. Instantaneous movement in space.

Reasons why the civilization of Atlantis failed to go beyond the boundaries of the planet and was destroyed. What globally hampers civilization in its development? Fight for energy. Vajra — a perfect weapon of gods: myths and reality.

Is outer space inhabited? What is a human race, and how does it differ from other living beings? What do the six levels of civilization development imply? The Anunnaki and the Apexians: what is the difference? What is the most valuable resource on Earth? What is “free mind”, and why are its possessors dangerous for humanity? Where is consciousness located? Personality’s control. Is human civilization able to go beyond the sphere and come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?

Benefits for a Human in the Creative Society

Jan 1, 2021 What will be the benefits for a human in the nearest future, after building the Creative Society? How fast will the social structure of society, the human habitat and people’s everyday life change, taking into account the newest discoveries in physics that will ensure every person’s access to free energy and management of the microworld? An instantaneous skill. How will the time of human life be valued? How will a person independently provide himself with everything he needs by pushing a single button? Why will household and other waste of the present-day civilization be more valuable than gold in the future?

Discoveries for people: science at the service of a human in the Creative Society. Under what conditions will “forbidden discoveries” be used for the benefit of humanity? One language that unites all people. Evolutionary discoveries in healthcare of the future after building the Creative Society: prolongation of human life beyond the species limit, special apparatuses that enable a person to independently correct his health, change his appearance as he desires, and so on.

A world without wars. Why will crime disappear? Military super technologies of the future: “vajra” and “the eye of God'', which will devalue all modern weapons and turn them into useless metal scrap. By means of what technologies will people be able not only to survive in space, but also to successfully colonize new planets suitable for living?

Change conditions — and everything will change!

Creative Society. Questions and Answers

Jun 18, 2022 How to find a way out of the endless crises of the consumerist format of society? How to get out of contrived delusions? How to change the situation in the world? How can we all come to an agreement and find a solution acceptable for all? A new world order: a single world government or united world management? How to unite? Limitation of wealth: what are its benefits for ordinary people, professionals, officials, oligarchs, rulers and others? How to build a safe world and maintain comfortable living conditions for every person? How to build the Creative Society and enter the era of a united human civilization? How will people live in the Creative Society?

Consumer Paradise

Aug 2, 2022 How do you want to live? Have you ever wondered what your future will be like if you build the Creative Society together with people from various countries of the world? How and where will you live, what will you eat and how? Will your everyday life be organized according to the latest technology, and will you have access to that technology? Will you work as you did before, or will you do what you love to do and implement your ideas for the benefit of humanity? Will you have a lot of free time? What is the meaning of life, and what can you do if you have everything you want? How will you communicate with other people? How will the world around you be transformed in a new qualitative way? Are you ready to live better than oligarchs do? So what should you do now in order to live in such a world?

The Creative Society is a consumer paradise where everyone will be provided with everything they need and will live the way they want.

What Everyone Is Silent About

Sep 6, 2022 What catastrophic situation has human society found itself in? Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and scale. The climate continues to change, while more and more money is demanded from people. The global crisis of the entire humanity is intensifying. Who makes us poor and destitute? Who will compensate people for their losses? What has happened to the human world? Why are children being forced to be tolerant towards pedophiles, while among adults cannibalism is being promoted? Why are we forced, like idiots, to be at enmity with one another and to rejoice when someone is suffering and dying somewhere? What is the chance of survival of the entire humanity? We will all be in the same cauldron if we do nothing, friends.

When the dead begin to rule the alive, the world is doomed. GIVE THE WORLD BACK TO THE ALIVE! If you don't do what you should do today (while everyone feels what they should do, everyone feels what they owe to the Spiritual World, to God and to the entire humanity); if you don't do that, if you do not fulfill your true human duty, forget about having a future, first of all, about your own future, and then already about that of your family.

Creative Society is the most peaceful and most appropriate project in the entire history of humankind. Only in the Creative Society can we cope with climate threats and the crisis of the entire humanity. The best investment in your future is an investment in the Creative Society! Every active volunteer of the Creative Society, those who are implementing the hardest and most difficult part - that of informing all people, deserve to receive a peace prize from the Creative Society. Every participant of the Creative Society deserves to be recognized and remembered in the future by grateful descendants!

Your Future in the Creative Society

Sep 23, 2022 How will the introduction of the newest technology radically change the life of every person in the Creative Society? How can we defeat diseases, rejuvenate our bodies, correct bodily defects, grow muscles, lose weight, and do many other things with the introduction of new technologies in the Creative Society? How to restore lost or damaged tissues and organs? How to make viruses serve society in a positive way? Why are oil and hydrocarbons being misused nowadays? How will people travel long distances without losing time, and how will they explore new living planets in space? How to build a wonderful world focused on the quality of every person’s life? How can I become a volunteer for the Creative Society project? How can I help build the Creative Society?

Go to ground zero of information on the Creative Society here.

* Read more on God Races here.

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