Making Meat From Plant Sources: Implications For Our Origins

In a previous post, I briefly explored the idea that Humans were created from Plants, using mythological hints as touchstones for my proposition (which is not limited to only me, by the way). 

The above video was taken in Israel, where the meat printing is done using the Angus printer, which was developed by Redefine Meat and which can print a wide variety of plant-based meats.

The old gods did not use mumbo-jumbo to terraform our realm, nor to fill it with life forms, including us.

Sigh. I am inevitably led back to defining my terms. In this situation ... who is us?

And by extension ... who are we?  Who do you identify AS and WITH? How does that DEFINE and LIMIT your capacities and your imagination?

Anyway ... back to the topic of discussion ... making flesh simulation from plant based materials.

An important note to ... note. The gods will NEVER give their peons their latest technologies. 
So this plant-to-flesh simulation technology is not state-of-the-galactic-art. Perhaps not even state-of-the-art here in our realm ... because you just never know what undisclosed groups of military task-forces are working with and working on.

Their rationale is this: Plant-based meat is produced directly from plants. Instead of relying on an animal to convert plants into meat, we can make meat more efficiently by skipping the animal and turning plant ingredients directly into meat.

I find this whole conversation interesting, especially when juxtaposed against the concurrent public discussions on adrenochrome and cannibalism ... one set of norms for the masses and another set of norms for the overlords and their wannabes.

There's another layer to this conversation in light of what Igor Mikhailovich Danilov from the AllatRa movement explains about the regeneration of waste into whatever is required through molecular reconfiguration technologies so that nothing is wasted and nothing is killed or harvested or mined to provide for our needs. Everything is perpetually recycled and regenerated to meet our needs.

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