Amici nostri ex Aliis Mundos

Our Friends from Other Worlds | An expanded version of the Pater Noster

Our Father, Our Mother, Our Friends from Higher Realms

I honour your presence with gratitude

As you guide us to be as you, with inspiration and instruction

Show me this day how high I might go and how far I might fly. Show me how to spread my wings and soar.

Help me be free of my limitations and shape my desires to be in accordance with yours.

Assist me to guide others to their greatness as you guide me to mine.

Keep my feet on my quest to be as you. 

Keep me from doing harm to myself and to others, and prevent me from causing them to fall into error.

For you are power and glory that I would know as my own, in ecstatic service to the joy and the expansion and the upliftment of Life.

I align with you, forever and ever.


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