Amici nostri In Caelo

Our Friends in Heaven | An expanded version of the Pater Noster

Our Father, Our Mother, Our Friends In Heaven

Hallowed be thy names

Thy kingdoms come

Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in your realms

Fill me this day with spiritual sustenance and creative expansion

Erase my weaknesses and errors, guide me to see the best in others

Let me not be deceived, and correct my misperceptions

For you are the power and the glory and the source of goodness and nourishment

I am yours forever and ever


This my version, from my heart, for my own personal use.

There is no need for ritual or dogma in this. Feel into the spirit of the message, not the pedantic correctness of translations or of theological dogma.

I'd encourage you all to shape the Pater Noster to your own heartfelt truthful appreciation

If you can, go to the Aramaic versions ... there's one by Neil Douglas-Klotz and one by Dale Allen Hoffman. Aramaic was the language spoken by Je-Zeus when he spoke the words that were recollected by others.

There's also Matthew, Chapter 6: 9-13 and Luke, Chapter 11: 1-4 that you can use as guidance.

Sit with these, feel into them, and pull forward and articulate your own resonances.

Write it down to help you better express yourself. Then recite it daily, if not more often.

Truth be told, this used to stick in my throat since I was forced to recite it in my early school years. I've written previously about my journey with regard to religion here

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