Cognitive Warfare: The Modern Version of Spiritual Warfare. An Overview and Some Suggested Countermeasures

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Cognitive Warfare is the new buzzword, er, buzz-phrase in military and corporate circles. However, I'm sure it's been around a lot longer than we civilians have heard about it.

It's fundamentally about keeping the population ... you, me ... reactive, so we don't have time to go deep and centre ourselves in our true spiritual nature.

So herein lies a clue for a major counter-measure.

Our attention spans have been manipulated over recent generations to be shorter and shorter as our information flow goes faster and faster.

An interesting and highly-relevant aside ... Dante's Black Train video series clearly identifies the Industrial Revolution as when this most recent attack on humanity began in earnest. Here's a snippet I made where he explains this ...

Cognitive Warfare is often confused with other types of weaponised manipulations, so here's a chart I pinched to help you understand it better. While other types of modern warfares target specific areas, Cognitive Warfare goes for jugular of social cohesion by internally weakening individuals.

What do I mean by weakening individuals? Well, let me count the ways ...

Cognitive Warfare (CW) is a military term for the current state of play in the interminable Spiritual War. CW is ...

designed to destabilise individuals with the highest degree of physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual pain. But this can only be achieved when people no longer have a strong moral and spiritual compass ... which the CW is designed to erode to the point of oblivion. 

Be aware, however, that Cognitive Warfare is NOT a discussion about the morality of Truth and Lies. Truth can be weaponised just as much as Lies can. 
From "The Father of Lies"_ part 1
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[Article] Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries

[Article Highlights]

Du Cluzel defined cognitive warfare as the “art of using technologies to alter the cognition of human targets.”

Those technologies, he noted, incorporate the fields of NBIC – nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science. All together, “it makes a kind of very dangerous cocktail that can further manipulate the brain,” he said.


Du Cluzel went on to explain that the exotic new method of attack “goes well beyond” information warfare or psychological operations (psyops).

“Cognitive warfare is not only a fight against what we think, but it’s rather a fight against the way we think, if we can change the way people think,” he said. “It’s much more powerful and it goes way beyond the information [warfare] and psyops.”


“Cognitive warfare has universal reach, from starting with the individual to states and multinational organizations,” he said. “Its field of action is global and aim to seize control of the human being, civilian as well as military.”


The chilling document shows how contemporary warfare has reached a kind of dystopian stage, once imaginable only in science fiction.

“The nature of warfare has changed,” the report emphasized. “The majority of current conflicts remain below the threshold of the traditionally accepted definition of warfare, but new forms of warfare have emerged such as Cognitive Warfare (CW), while the human mind is now being considered as a new domain of war.

For NATO, research on cognitive warfare is not just defensive; it is very much offensive as well.

“Developing capabilities to harm the cognitive abilities of opponents will be a necessity,” du Cluzel’s report stated clearly. “In other words, NATO will need to get the ability to safeguard her decision making process and disrupt the adversary’s one.”

“Any user of modern information technologies is a potential target. It targets the whole of a nation’s human capital,” the report ominously added.

“As well as the potential execution of a cognitive war to complement to a military conflict, it can also be conducted alone, without any link to an engagement of the armed forces,” the study went on. “Moreover, cognitive warfare is potentially endless since there can be no peace treaty or surrender for this type of conflict.”

Just as this new mode of battle has no geographic borders, it also has no time limit: “This battlefield is global via the internet. With no beginning and no end, this conquest knows no respite, punctuated by notifications from our smartphones, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


Cognitive warfare may well be the missing element that allows the transition from military victory on the battlefield to lasting political success. ... The five first domains can give tactical and operational victories; only the human domain can achieve the final and full victory.

[Loka: Define lasting political success. Where would democracy, or even the illusion of it, fit in such a definition? Eek!]

Below is the video under discussion in the article.

Canada - NATO Innovation Challenge Fall 2021: Cognitive Warfare
Here's the backup link should this ever disappear off youtube.


Riccardo Bosi

A former military leader now turned political disrupter as the founder of the newly-formed Australia One movement and political party (note, he is yet to be elected), Riccardo Bosi has been making some massive splashes on the freedom-loving psyche of both Australian and international folk.

He speaks with confident authority, acknowledging that we are engaged in spiritual warfare and that many conspiracies are valid. 

Bosi champions the moral high ground with an avenging angelic righteousness. He doesn't hesitate to speak of retribution against traitors and pedophiles ... often synonymous. Yeah ... you could - correctly - call him a right wing extremist if you looking for a way to invalidate and dismiss him. 

Make no mistake, it is right wing types who are fiercely drawn to protect children and other innocents. That alone should give people cause to look more closely at why they are slurred by the mainstream media. 

In this 30-minute Bitchute video (which is why I can't link it here on the Google-owned Blogger platform) ... Law of War | Part 2 - A Moral People | AustraliaOne ... Bosi introduces the concept of Cognitive Warfare.

FYI, a transcript of this video can be found on Australia One's website Law of War page. 

Why do I focus on this individual? Not because I'm an Aussie as well, but because he is a breath of fresh air, foreshadowing the arrival of brisk winds of change. Bosi doesn't speak of guns-in-the-street revolutions, but of using the political process to bring about change.

Yeah, yeah ... this is not new. But what IS new is the military-style strategising he brings to the discussion. And unlike many other firebrands, he seeks not only to win this (spiritual) war but also win a long-term stable peace that follows.

Riccardo Bosi speaking on the Synchronisation Matrix

Read another article I wrote about Riccardo Bosi where Dante endorses him - Australians - joining the Allies

Backup link in case this video is removed by youtube

CyCon 2022 DAY 3 Panel: Cognitive Warfare – Hacking the OODA Loop
Backup link here.

 Counter Cognitive Warfare Strategy for India  [webpage]

A short-ish look at the way that influencers, thought leaders, and other online information entrepreneurs are playing into the hands of those who are waging CW on the human population. This is an important read if YOU are thinking about becoming an influencer.

"... the rise of this new service model called MaaS (Misinformation as a Service), which is often called with better-sounding names like creators economy, curators economy, influencers economy/ marketing, social media activism/ journalism, creative entrepreneurship, etc."

Loka's comment ... we have seen (and no doubt participated in) the exponential rise of clickbait headlines that compete for our attention. And anyone who did any training in digital entrepreneurship 🙋 would have been taught that this was 'best practice'! And more often than not, the attached writings were misleading if not downright untruthful. 

This is one reason I try my best not to add more digital noise to the environment. I'm not in pursuit of followers or hits or dollars, and I couldn't give two hoots about SEO.

" ... Influencers is that they are artists by character, and an artist is generally a rebel from the inside, and standing against the established norms of the society/system gives them artistic satisfaction!

Now imagine if a battalion of such influencers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Skillful Artists, and cult celebrities, is tasked to march with full force, to wage a battle of false narratives/ misinformation/ disinformation against a country’s interests, decisions, culture, ethos, and structure!"

Unfortunately, the authors suggest a solution based in imposing rules and regulations and punishing violators.

This is something I disagree with, as rules are almost begging to be broken. 

The imposition of anyone's will upon another can only scale up to a Hive Mind situation. Which means that the Anti-Life, the Anti-FreeWill, brigade will win.  This is untenable.

Countering cognitive warfare: awareness and resilience

How your human loosh is sucked from you ...

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