Avoiding Vigilante Programming

The following wise words are from a FB post by Trevor McGrath. He wrote what I consider an excellent overview of a complex situation that is oversimplified by the media and other NWO shills.

It's not black and white, people! Stop buying into this vigilante programming. You are creating unknown karmic repercussions for yourself.

I know from first-hand experience that the high reaches of the entertainment industry has some sick, corrupted ways. I can share my story if asked but my point in posting this isn't my story. That's just simply my disclaimer before saying what I'm about to say. This is not to point a finger, we all fluctuate. Wake and sleep is a cycle, we all have our moments. I sure have. We're human
Justice is based upon all being deemed innocent until PROVEN guilty.
Nothing can be proven over a screen. Be it a TV, your cellphone or laptop screen.
Especially in a world of such advanced media manipulation, hologram tech such as project blue beam etc.

Guilty by association isn't grounds of conviction given the Trojan horse approach is always a possibility and one of the the only ways one could help take down a corrupt structure.
Imagine, some may have been on the Epstein flight log because they're new to Holly-Wood and simply thought they were going to a party.
I'm sure some knew exactly what they were getting into as well, but at what point do we generalize them all?

Generalizations of such a degree only come from fear. Sometimes we fear what we don't know so we convince ourselves our opinions are facts.
Memes, videos and articles are not proof.
The internet is not proof.
Intuition exist but to try to get someone to believe your intuit if they didn't intuit the same is almost an unfair and awkward position to put someone in.

Now here's a nuance most debunkers won't like.
What if, some celebrities are forced into committing atrocities, speaking certain lies or marrying certain people?
By "forced" I mean this.
"Hey you, you're going to drink this adrenochrome and so on or else we're going to kidnap your family and torture them brutally and slowly for the rest of their lives, because we can, because we own all all systems that are supposed to stop us from doing such things.

I'm not going to ask what you would do in that position because that's uncalled for, you aren't in that position (as far as I know) and should never have to hypothesize on that scenario.
But this type of leveraging could get some really good people to do some really dark things because they care for their loved ones.
Does this sound too hypothetical?
If so then they must not be that "evil."

Now a days, if someone holds a different view they're seen as some evil minion of the corruption that needs to be exposed and slandered. Just simply for holding a different view.

Hmm that approach sounds just as "evil" as the approaches of those they're trying to debunk. I've been accused of being a CIA psyop agent etc just for admitting that I don't know who these people are and don't think every celebrity is evil. I'm not kidding, I've been accused of "working for them" multiple times because I'm not throwing stones at people I don't know.

What if all of these celebs people spend their precious time/energy debunking or worshipping are all holograms set to be distractions so people fall into the vibration of condemnation, hate and division? Ultimately the vibration of fear.

Or even if they're real, what if the corrupt global shadow government only put them in that position to toss you the very bone they want you to chew on? Distractions.
We will never break free from the control of an oppressor if we obsess about condemning, fearing, dividing etc.
We don't know these people.

We just speak opinions as facts and confuse the world even more, doing the corrupt's job for them while swearing we're doing the opposite.
I have no investment in celebrities. I'm not invested in exposing them, I'm not invested in liking them.
I shared a video where someone spoke some deep obvious yet concisely put truth on a big talk show.

Many were far more invested in him than they were in the truth he spoke.
If we focus on exposing celebs over sharing and building upon the truth then are we still obsessed over celebrities perhaps? Obsession doesn't have to be in a positive context.

If you are dedicated to exposing something then you are perhaps, to some degree, obsessed with that person.

The baby gets thrown out with the bathwater when we overly-generalize (i.e. cast ourselves into more illusion).

Be careful when you are "against" someone, because you might be doing the "evil's" work for them and not even know it.

These days anyone can be used as a political ramrod if they think they're infallible or if they think they know people they truly don't.

Once again, I know there's a lot of corruption in the entertainment industry. And any other industry. But if we overly-generalize and take our screens for evidence then we're very susceptible to being played like a puppet. Nobody is immune to it unless they trust their ability to discern and play devil's advocate to their beliefs once in a while.

If we can't separate our beliefs in media from our first-hand knowing then we are very susceptible to being played in some way.

This whole mentality of "you sheeple" and "you've been duped you idiot" is only assisting the division the corruption thrives on.

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