Dante and Beatrice: An Eternal Tale Told In Contemporary Times

I recently took a few days off for a small mental/emotional/psychic holiday while I read the exquisite Gabriel series by Sylvain Reynard (after watching Elon Musk's sister, Tosca's delicious movie interpretations).

For the record, there is now a fourth book, Gabriel's Promise that was published in 2020. 

And the four movies produced by Tosca Musk only cover the first two books, so two movies per book. A fifth movie, Gabriel's Redemption, is currently in production at the time of writing this post. Not sure if this covers the entire novel or only half of it.

This high-brow romance is based on Dante Alighieri's exploration of his relationship with his unattainable beloved, Beatrice.

Set in the world of academia, the novels are generously peppered with intensely satisfying spiritual and philosophical explorations that weave through the redemptive journey of the main character, Gabriel.

There are those who say that it is similar to Fifty Shades, but I assure you, it's not. Gabriel's tale is much more sublime. And while Fifty Shades has an abundance of hints in both the movies and the novels at The Cause's involvement, Gabriel's series relies more on the elevated philosophies that are explored to reveal which side of the spiritual war this work has emerged from.

Frankly, if you deeply enjoy the exquisite Vide Cor Meum, this near-2000 page series is the literary version.

I reaffirm my persistent claim that romance is a legitimate spiritual path of the highest order. And such works are an essential component in this spiritual war in order to counter the effects of current anti-masculine toxic ideologies.

Because if you leave this world with anger and hatred in your heart against the opposite sex, this gets carried forward into future lives as unfinished business.

So even if the main consumers of works such as this and Fifty Shades are disillusioned and embittered older women who have sabotaged their chances at a fulfiling romance in THIS life, their hunger and yearning for a more fulfilling outcome will plant the seeds for more elevated and nourishing experiences in future lives.

And yes ... attractiveness counts in how lessons are communicated and received. 😉

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