For Christians, Start Here ... A Modern-Day Mystery School Awaits

This post is for those who identify as Christian and may not be sure about stepping into a broader perspective. Particularly if consider that (your version of) the Bible is an accurate rendition of God's word, and an indisputable record of past events.

There's no real easy way to begin this, so I'm just gonna dive right in.

Like every religion on this planet since the beginning, there is a mix of truth, disinformation, and massive layers of hidden history. 

Organised religion is a political and social engineering tool. Controlling and directing the population along planned trajectories, sometimes for benevolent reasons, sometimes (more often) for self-serving and nefarious reasons. And depending on who is telling the tale, the hero and villain characters will change places.

Note that I did not include Spirituality in that statement. Religion hijacks and exploits the innate inclination to connect with higher realms and higher beings. 

So, you could legitimately ask ... WHY would we have such an innate drive if there was no reason to?

Okay, okay ... this wasn't meant to head in the direction of a generalised debate.

If you have watched any of Dante's videos, you will be aware that the Crucifixion features very strongly throughout. Dante does not mock it, he does not deny it. He speaks about it as if he was there. He corrects scholarly conjectures. He displays artefacts from the event.

If you don't know who I'm talking about ... Dante ... well, he is more than human. 

By way of elaboration, think about what immortality might mean? In addition to simply meaning long-lived, or never (ever) dying, it can also mean that we return in each life with our memory intact so that our long-range mission continues. 

Yeah, reincarnation is an accepted fact in my world. Even Jesus and his followers believed in reincarnation until reference of it was increasingly deemed a heresy and removed from the Bible at various religio-political gatherings of early church leaders.

Anyway ... back to Dante. A fully aware and conscious immortal soul in his latest mortal, human body. And wait ... it gets even better. He belongs to an off-world group of beings called Karistus. They have been here on earth for a long, long time. Thousands of years. We know them as Angels. Yeah. Those guys. 

And Dante (that's not his Angelic name, by the way ... you learn that on each of his videos) is one of the BIG FOUR. At least down here. 

The Biblical Archangels, Michael and Gabriel are his brothers, two more of the Big Four. They are here, charged with a peace keeping mission, appointed by the Creator, who, in this case, is actually a feminine figure. I won't elaborate further in this post ... suffice to say, there is a lot of overlap between the spiritual and the mundane worlds.

There are many dangers to humanity from beings from other worlds who would either exploit us or annihilate us. The Spiritual War is at every level, in every aspect of our daily lives. The main purpose of Dante's videos is to open our eyes to see what is going on, and to be strong against it, and to help us restore our faith. But in order to do so, he has to present some pretty mind-bending information at times.

The Karistus were involved, intimately, with the events in the Old Testament, as well as the events that shaped the New Testament. Would you be interested to know how?

Imagine for a moment that Jesus were to be present in our modern world. 

How would he preach? How would he find his audience, those who were thirsty for his revelations? And from that audience, how would he find his disciples?

Secluded in-person meetings wouldn't cut it these days. No. I reckon he'd utilise the technology that we take for granted as a method of outreach. Case in point ... YouTube.

Dante has been making and releasing videos for over 12 years ... or pretty well from when YouTube first became a thing. He has made thousands. But they are removed from time to time, for one reason or another. Some are simply hidden from the public. 

Are you scoffing by now? I don't blame you. I was rather dubious when I first encountered him over two years ago. It's okay to enter this territory with caution. Jesus no doubt had his doubters too ... and nothing was really provable either. He didn't exactly flout his miracles to the masses.  But those who chose to believe in him and his claims and his teachings ... well, they just knew it in their bones. 

But I will tell you ... Dante does not want to recruit a mass of passive followers. He is NOT a cult leader, but one who insists you thinking for yourself after showing you his evidence. You will find no coercion or preaching. In fact, he goes out of his way, at times, to show how flawed he is. Anyway ...

From the thousands of videos that are currently available online, the 48 Weeks With Dhor Kyristyl playlist of 32* videos ... a subset of the AHK (Alien HumanKind) series of 118* videos ... is the Karistus version of the Jesus narrative. If you're interested in how the Aliens fit in to life on earth, begin with the AHK series. If you want to skip to the story elements that focus on Jesus, then begin with the 48 Weeks series.

Religion is one of the many battlefields of the Spiritual War. You are the prize. Well ... your eternal Soul is.

I don't intend for this post to explain the Angel's version.

Finally, I'd like to ask you to put aside, or at least, hold lightly any Dogma that you may be clutching close to yourself. If you can do this, you will discover a whole new re-frame that doesn't squash the Jesus story, but brings new depth and colour to it. You will rethink on who the villains were, and understand why they have been vilified and by whom.

If you just can't ... or won't ... no harm, no foul. Even Jesus didn't reach everyone in his time either.


*May vary due to videos being removed or added over time.

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