Thunder & Lightning - It's Getting Exciting

This post will be a curation of dramatic captures of turbulent banging and crashings above our heads. Our skies are full of activity that are cloaked by clouds ... at least for now. I have a suspicion that soon we'll see conflicts out in the open ... in clear skies.

More images to come, but it's a start.

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Soundtrack for this season ... see full video here

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Finally !!!
After these periods of restrictions and confinement, we had the opportunity to leave for a few days with my friend Didier for a meeting under the stars.
It still took a hell of a lot of trickery to outsmart the disturbed weather last weekend. Sunday July 4, after a very wet crossing of Switzerland, the weather is fine around Lugano. The forecast models herald a multicellular thunderstorm cell over the Gulf of Trieste and a nice prospect to catch sprites.
We decide to land at Mottarone, a summit overlooking Lake Maggiore in Italy. From its 1400 meters, the clouds dissipate quickly and the view is completely clear to the East. At 10:44 pm, a first sprite is captured, we show that we are on the right track.
40 minutes later, it's Didier who photographs a larger specimen to the left of the first one, he is directly above a characteristic mountain, the Monte Campo dei Fiori.
Now it's easy to aim the trigger area with a 105mm lens in portrait mode.
At 11:30 p.m., a magnificent jellyfish deploys its red filaments on the pointed top ... the satisfaction of a nice catch and certainly my most beautiful sprite catch in a landscape.
To find out more about this phenomenon:

Exifs: Sony a7s1 - Nikkor 105mm/1.4@1.4 - 1 / 25s - ISO 30,000 - Atomos recorder - image taken from video 
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— with Didier Plassard.
This is the video where the image was taken from...
See original video here

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