The Painter

 "And I'm a million different people from one day to the next"

~Bittersweet Symphony~

Wyrd sidenote: This original post was stripped of all content when I published it, despite not having any connection issues as I was crafting it. I take it that someone isn't fond of what I'm assembling here. I'll keep a watch on this one to see if anything else glitches.

Dante in his Ruben period

Here you will see how I do some quick investigative research online, to arrive at a place beyond reasonable doubt about any claims made, to see what other connections are unearthed, and to just check out how far the connections extend. Yes, I follow up many things that Dante says. I haven't found an obvious misdirection yet. That's not to say he doesn't, but that he covers his tracks well. 

Okay, beginning with a search for the name ... not much comes up, and will depend on your search engine of course. On Goggle (!) a number of the search results lead to an earlier post on here, but that's because this blog is hosted by this behemoth. 

What I did find was a low-res version of this image below, which I immediately recognised from a number of D's videos. The link was to this article, in Portuguese. No matter ... clumsy translations are only a few keystrokes away.

(Click on the image above to link to the original article)

Below is the English translation, courtesy Google Chrome ...

So who or what is Meditomar Seguros?

The address matches the one given in the article

An insurance agency ... the phone number matches the previous screenshot

The Name: Ruben Caravinci

Ruben could be either homage to the painter (most likely in my opinion), or to Biblical Reuben.

And Caravinci (Cara + Vinci) ...

Cara can have a number of meanings in Portuguese ...

 Vinci is, I strongly suspect, homage to Leonardo da, who we've been advised a number of times, was working for The Cause. 

Some of Dante's ... oops, Ruben's ... paintings will be added later.

And there's most likely a whole slew of threads that could be followed even further, but, hey, this will do for now. And it's true ... I have no idea what's going on ... but it's fun to speculate.

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