Meditation to Activate Your Quest

Rough notes capturing a rapid flow ... may or may not be tidied up later.

Yeah, I know many of you will think that Meditation isn't the right word.

Many people are caught in the the zombie zone and they just want OUT

Meditations intend for you to QUIET ... to pull into your centre ... to STILLness.

Activations take that inner calmness and allow it to be pulled UPward and OUTward.

I'm using the word Activate until I find a better term.

Okay ... so why activate?

POWER, baby.

No, no. Not to become a tyrant, but to become the best version of your Superhero. 

Many of you have shadows that you try to suppress, contain, annihilate. Your shadows are your shames.

Activation uses your shadows as your batteries.


First show movie-let ... The Shaman

Why? To demonstrate Music as activator/carrier of magic ... energies ... states of consciousness

Offer this violin-heavy compilation to get participants started.

The BEST pieces are what I call EPIC music ... that draw forth or touch on your larger-than-(this)-life self ... as your archetypal self ... your higher dimensional self.

Trailer music ... soundtracks ... gaming soundtracks

These composers are magicians in tugging on and harnessing emotional responses from deep within our psyche. Not just emotional responses, but outlier spiritual and psychic essences that don't often get space in your conscious awareness.


Intentional use of imagination rather than passive daydreaming. 

Directed Imagination or Visioning
... like an eagle scanning the horizons for what it seeks

... partnering with logic as a backup ... logic is what assembles the plan of action. Depending on the relationship with your left brain mind, the influence of logic will be either untrustingly rigid or trustingly flexible. Trust in what? That which it cannot control. Magic. Miracles. Higher Forces. Other people.

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