Tales of A Multidimensional Life

I consider it a truism that we cannot create what we cannot imagine. This is why storytellers are essential ... CRITICALLY essential in expanding our consciousness. I indulge a suspicion that they are really gods-in-training, practicing their world-building and capriciousness upon their chosen spotlighted protagonists.

Link 1: Inanna Returns PDF
Link 2: Inanna Returns PDF

Link 1: Inanna HyperLuminal PDF
Link 2: Inanna HyperLuminal PDF

I got so much from these books after finding them as freely-offered downloads, that I have safe-guarded their storage for future access, as neither books are available on Kindle, unless you read German. 

Here's a third-party review of both books partially paraphrased written:

V. Susan Ferguson self-published her novels – Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal.  Apparently, Ms Ferguson was reading Sitchin’s The Wars of Gods and Men when she experienced a series of spontaneous retrievals from her genetic cache.  The Sumerian goddess Inanna appeared as a holographic vision and merged with her cellular consciousness.  She began to reconstruct a brief history of the Anunnaki, the Sumerian Sky Gods of the An lineage.

The ancient gods of Sumer – Enki, Enlil, Ninhursag – who later became the ancient gods (or Neteru) of Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Canaan, Judaea, and India; and later Peru and the Mayalands, are resurrected skillfully and empathetically by Ms Ferguson, and integrated into a contemporary context.  This is what makes her Inanna books so valuable: she transforms the mythical into modern mystery teachings of irresistible cogency and veracity.  She makes us understand, as in a gratuitous epiphany, exactly why we are the way we are.  Part of it was a genetic legacy of the “gods” who manufactured us from the silly putty of simian DNA; the rest of it was pure bad luck or evil karma or hubris or whatever, but there IS a way out of the evolutionary predicament we’re in.  We have to awaken from our cultural trance, our religion-induced spiritual somnambulism, be jolted out of our collective amnesia back into anamnesis, into full recollection of who we truly are.

If you want to read more of Susan's insightful writings, her blog is at InannaReturns.com

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