When Gods Weep

The FATES are a well known force in the world of gods and men, and are the only ones who the gods fear and attempt to bribe and propitiate.
Each culture has its own version of such beings who decide the destiny of all living things, including planets and universes.
It's just another one of the mysteries that make life so dramatic and interesting.
God might not play dice with the universe, but the Fates most certainly do. From our perspective, there is no apparent rhyme or reason for their decisions.
So don't get outraged at localised fractal iterations ... unless it's your fate to do so. You could just deal with it and go along for the ride, the adventure, the quest of it.
Musing ... would the Fates still have influence over beings in Heaven as well?

This isn't intended to be a class in the Fates ... you can do your own digging if the details interest you.

Now, I'm of the considered opinion that the mythic Norse pantheon is just a localised version of the same pantheons from other cultures.

So there's a lot of insight to be gleaned when considering each mythology and comparing them to the aggregate.

So, for the Norse, their term for the Fates was the Norns.

The Norns are not only associated with the fate of individuals, but also the fate of the Nine Realms and the gods that inhabit them

The Norns are also closely associated with the world tree Yggdrasil, and they are responsible for maintaining the balance of the cosmos by watering its roots with water from the well of fate. This is the same well of fate where the head of Mimir

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